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/ Series / The Mad Rat’s Lab
The Mad Rat’s Lab
The Mad Rat’s Lab
242.8k Views 7618 Favorites 201 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1193 Readers
4.4 (59 ratings)
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Andreu has started to play the most famous dungeon-building VRMMORPG: Dungeon Masters Arena. He picked the most difficult faction and decided to roleplay as a Mad Scientist, creating monsters by using units from other factions.

Yeah… What could go wrong?

Follow Andreu in his eccentricities, weird monster creations and the despair that everything gives to the players that invade his dungeon. This is the story of the creation of 'The Mad Rat’s Lab', the most dreaded and famous dungeon in Dungeon Masters Arena!

Releases: Monday, Friday

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyLitRPGSlice of Life
Animal Characteristics Carefree Protagonist Crazy Protagonist Dungeon Master Dungeons Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Game Ranking System Genetic Modifications Humanoid Protagonist Level System Monsters Mutated Creatures Non-human Protagonist RPG Shapeshifters Sword And Magic Unreliable Narrator Virtual Reality Werebeasts Wizards
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 27 – what should not be seen

    I will first explain the star ratings and then go into the setting so If you aren't interested in reading the full review just read about the setting as that is the main reason as to why I like this story

    Grammar: in all the chapters I didn't notice any Grammar mistakes thought im not the best so im not the best judge for native speakers 5 stars

    Style: it flows nicely I like the way that real life problems aren't just ignored, but are instead intergated into the story without any consequences to the pacing. I haven't yet had any chapters that felt like filler or boring as even the stat/skill sheets  make you think about future unit combination's  which is a huge+ for me. Five stars 

    Characters: they are unique with fleshed out personalities, ts enjoyable to watch them interact although as of now the MC has only talked to a few people and There was one plot point that would've made me rate it at 4 stars but its been fixed and instead turned into a funny convo between friends so I will instead put it at 4.5 due to this mishap and that sometimes there aren't descriptions of peoples appearance 

    Story: I took half a star as we currently lack real agency (except a rivalry) but I dont put it lower because of HOW DAMN FUN the setting is which makes it not really matter for me. 4.5 stars 

    Overall five stars due to the below reason

    THE SETTING: its of course a dungeon vr story but its still very unique in the way the system works and surprisingly balanced as it ends up the author is a game designer so he knows far more about how to make a good system than most authors. 

    The MC uses a faction which fuses other factions units (makes chimeras hybrids ect). Now this doesn't in itself sound good as it should make all units broken and hence the story unfun. But its again Balanced so they arent necessarily stronger than other units in their price range. What makes this faction so fun are the gimmicky units you can make. 

    Its hilarious reading about champions braving his dungeon but end up dying due to no apparent reason 


    He creates a butterfly that can camouflage and does 2 dmg per second MCs health is around 500. But even though the butterfly is strong if unattended it dies immediately to any aoe.


    There are many more such units. 

    Even outside his faction there are many interesting units that whenever the MC faces them makes you think what ge could make out of their bodies to get a good unit 

    This for me is one of the two points that make this story such a joy.

    The other one is that the setting is very refined so you don't see any nonsensical features ie unique skills, cheat that allows the MC to win and it doesn't fall for many dungeon building pitfalls

    All factions are on equal grounds with some countering others or some making for good targets to get the factions unique resource (undead kill humans as they have a lot of good souls) so they aren't just carbon copies with different stats.

    There are some other fun mechanics but they would take too many words to explain properly.

    Very fun I recommend giving a try the first 5 (i think six for the first real battle) chapters and then seeing for yourself if you like the story. 

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    Status: prologue

    It’s a really good and funny novel to read I recommend it but it’s only 4* cause it’s not my type of novel atleast. I thought it would be a warhammer skaven crazy type MC but it’s not it’s just a Frankensteinish MC that looks like a rat, also the MC is too carefree like just the VRMMO game has no downsides even if you lose you still get cp, you still get xp, he just doesn’t get bodies also because it has no downsides anyone can play it but playing doesn’t mean you’re good at it for example our MC he seems to strategize or plan but it’s just him throwing mud at a walk and seeing what sticks like it’s funny but he definitely isn’t playing to get good or even has a goal in mind he just plays to have fun 

     also the fact that he doesn’t use human bodies is kinda annoying like you could just amalgamate them into a very fleshy literally and figuratively type unit that costs next to nothing and another is the MC is not a gamer like he dies cause he uses his spells to much which is realistic but you usually write it down that you can only use 4 fireballs and need to wait for mp or whatever else to recharge

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    Status: ch 33 – player level four

    This story shown some classics themes of dungeon RPGs video games like Dragon Quest and classic horror movies like Frankenstein. The main character creations are both clever and drive other players crazy. Always looking forward to seeing what crazy thing he'll create next from the bodies of enemy NPCs.

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    Status: ch 70 – scurrying away like a...

    I love this novel so much I binge read it in 2 days! The idea of creating a crazy, whimsical, unpredictable but not completely impossible to clear dungeon is great! It's pure fun and joy with almost no drama. Give it a try. I'm sure you'll love it.

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