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Unholy Ranker
Unholy Ranker
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"To tamper with the dead is an act of taboo!"

"Disturbing the dead is opposing heaven will itself, sister."

"Your own mother! I...I...I have no daughter like you! Begone!"

"What have you done to our world? The dead no longer rest and the living no longer fear death!"

"For once...I have to thank you, for only with your existence, the world is able to unite-"
"-But...there is no place for you in this world, dear sister."

She stood silently on the field dyed red with blood, staring at the countless martial master and immortals oozing with bloodlust toward her.
"I made a perfect world, but it doesn't welcome me."
For once in her life, she smiled as she stare directly into his brother's eye.
"You once said that only in death can one find peace, today...I will witness it myself to see... if it's true."

Thus... the chaotic era of the restless dead ended...
In this world, that is.

ActionIsekaiMartial Arts
Appearance Different from Actual Age Cultivation Dao Comprehension Former Hero Hated Protagonist Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Mutations Non-human Protagonist Pill Concocting Ruthless Protagonist Skill Assimilation Special Abilities Strong to Stronger System Administrator Transmigration Twisted Personality Unique Cultivation Technique
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