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/ Series / Reincarnated in a novel as a maid
Reincarnated in a novel as a maid
Reincarnated in a novel as a maid
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Adam was a normal teenager, except for his exceptional attractiveness. He was kind, helpful, and enjoyed reading fantasy novels. One day, while out for a walk, he saw a vehicle speeding towards an elderly man. After a moment of internal struggle, Adam decided to help the man from the speeding vehicle, ultimately losing his own life. However he reincarnated in a fantasy world. Upon reincarnation, Adam discovers that he has been reborn as a girl in a novel he had read, but has been captured and sold into slavery. To his surprise, he learns that he is a mixed blood, with half of his blood belonging to a succubus and the other half a mystery. Even more extraordinary is the fact that he possesses not one, but three auras, all of which are mythical and unknown to many in this world, where people are only born with a single aura. Adam is purchased by a beautiful lady and sent to serve her daughter, who just so happens to be one of the main villains in the novel. But why does the villainess seem to know about the future?
[This novel contains graphic and explicit content including BDSM, Yuri, GL, and gore. It features futa-female scenes and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18 or those with a sensitive disposition. Read at your own discretion and be prepared for a thrilling and intense experience.]
{Also available on Webnovel for your reading pleasure.}

ActionAdultFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMatureMysterySchool LifeSmut
Academy BDSM Blood Manipulation Charming Protagonist Clan Building Dark Demons Empires Female Master Female Protagonist Futanari Hiding True Abilities Incest Maids Male to Female Masochistic Characters Non-human Protagonist Obsessive Love Slave Protagonist Succubus Time Manipulation Toys Vampires Villainess Noble Girls Witches
Table of Contents 63
  1. Chapter 63 (R-18)Oct 25, 2023
  2. Chapter 62 (R-18)Sep 16, 2023
  3. Chapter 61Aug 28, 2023
  4. Chapter 60Jul 13, 2023
  5. Chapter 59Jul 13, 2023
  6. Chapter 58Jun 29, 2023
  7. Chapter 57Jun 19, 2023
  8. Chapter 56Jun 8, 2023
  9. Chapter 55May 26, 2023
  10. Chapter 54May 17, 2023
  11. Chapter 53May 17, 2023
  12. Chapter 52May 13, 2023
  13. Chapter 51May 3, 2023
  14. Chapter 50Apr 20, 2023
  15. Chapter 49Apr 11, 2023
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      Status: chatper 28

      it's literally just torture p*rn with almost no story and characters with the depth of a small puddle. It says the story has BDSM but clearly the author doesn't know how to distinguish between BDSM and literal torture and rape. If I could rate this 0 stars I would.

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      20 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chapter 22

      This series is 'yuri' in the sense that it was written by a man (assuming a bit here), for a male audience, fetishizing its female cast at every opportunity. I don't actually mind that there isn't really much of a plot, though I think the fantasy details could have been left out for a more focused erotica. On that note... it doesn't feel like the author has much experience with BDSM, as there isn't any love or trust in this entire novel; Ellis needs to have some degree of control for these scenes to mean anything. I also think the ages of the main characters should be just about 2x what they are right now, or else it comes across creepy. 馃槵 The writing itself is occasionally not coherent enough to be understood, (as an example: saying the protagonist has 3 affinities, listing 2, and then implying something about the 3rd but not finishing the thought) though it is mostly passable to follow along.

      I'm giving it 3 stars (instead of 1) because I did genuinely enjoy some of the character building, though (if you're reading this, Atlas_01) these glaring issues need to be fixed to deserve a higher rating:

      1: Age up your smut characters. Saying they entered mental maturity at 10 because of magic is stupid.

      2: Make a character sheet of important details, then introduce them without info-dumping, over time.

      3: Give any hope at all to the reader that there is even a chance of a healthier relationship with Freya.

      EDIT: It appears the issues will only get worse, so I've adjusted the rating.

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      17 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chapter 14 (r-18)

      God forgive me.

      This is disgusting, degeneracy given form, a vile novel..... AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE GODDAM CHAPTER THIS NOVEL IS GEARED TOWARDS US!!!! GENTLEMAN OF CULTURE.

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      15 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c45

      I agree with Chiyopop on almost all of her criticism (except the part about a more healthy relationship with Freya, that's impossible and with great emphasis on that, only rewriting Freya's entire character might work in this case.), and I also agree with everything that Red_Winter said.

      When I started reading this story I was excited about the world and its protagonist, however as her abuse increased I developed a severe dislike for Freya, her mother and subordinates. To begin with, the introduction of Freya's twisted personality made me nauseous, and it got worse as time went on because this isn't a character with a BDSM fetish, this is a monster that takes pleasure in torturing people to death (Man that's how you wrote her, I'm not exaggerating), imagine my surprise when I find out that you're planning to make her the "heroine" of the protagonist! Yeah, it wasn't good.

      When the academy arc started my only thoughts were: "Go girl! Get stronger, get rid of this bondage seal, torture and kill this bitch with a smile on your face!" But it seems that this will not happen?

      Let's talk about torture porn, because that was it, torture and nothing else. That pissed me off! The way you wrote it was supposed to be "erotic" and "s*xy" but no it wasn't, it was disgusting and cruel, it was rape and it's just not even more blatant because people tend not to takeseriously a woman being an abuser/rapist, in most people's minds it seems ridiculous to think that a woman would do such a thing and that's ridiculous, but it happens, what to do?

      That scene was supposed to root the protagonist's hatred for her slavers even deeper, yet the supposed hatred never existed to begin with! Ellis should want to burn Freya's bones in the fires of hell, but no, it seems that being tortured and treated like trash, anything less than human was just an minor inconvenience to her!

      Look man, I've read about 40+ chapters of your story and I must say there's potential hidden there, deep under the muck that is Freya, and I genuinely hope your story takes a turn for the better, I have nothing against you Author, honestly, but I can't say the same for your storytelling choices.

      That's it, I don't know if it helped or not, but I had to get it off my chest. Good luck with your story.

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      11 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chapter 21

      I will first start by saying that English isn't my first language, so pardon my grammar.聽

      And I will be fort forward and honest in this review. First, I wish all the best to the author and that he/ she keep doing what they likes, because the novel has potential.

      Now, into the review itself:

      So, to put it bluntly, this was one, if not outright the worst reading experience I had. I know that some might like the novel.聽

      I respect that. I also respect the author because I know how hard it is to create a novel and to not only maintain an idea afloat but also to expand it in a way that it wouldn't sink your ship.聽

      Now, however, note that even though I respect it, I can't deny that the reading left much to desire and for quite obvious reasons. Let's go for parts:聽


      1- The MC.聽

      Honestly, his/ her situation is completely understandable. He/ she was suddenly thrown into another world, a twisted dark fantasy. It's a given that he/ she will suffer, and have more downs than ups and everything. And that's okay, it's perfectly normal. However, it's not normal to be humiliated, tormented, tortured (even if more "mildly") and instead of feeling hatred and rage, just accept the situation while feeling fear of the individuals.

      It could be justifiable in some cases, but let's consider the following:

      You died. Left your whole family that loved you dearly. Spent who-knows-how much time in the void without anyone to talk with, and then you are reincarnated into a twisted fantasy where you live more than a decade being a slave, ever since you were a baby and all for what? To get toyed with in extremely sadistic ways (not the kinky type, because so far, it is plain abuse).

      With this said, it is more normal to become even more angered by the situation and not feel fear as the first reaction, because wanting it or not, the MC already died once, so his/ her brain should naturally arrive at something like: "If it's like this, there is no point in living anymore" or "I already died once". Of course, there are several ways of countering and destroying such thoughts, but you get the gist that the MC accepting the situation and becoming complacent isn't exactly normal in this case.

      2- The characters.

      This is... the most pressuring issue, to be honest.

      Now, don't get me wrong, the novel has quite the characters that would be fun to explore, but that is also where the problem pops up.

      In the chapters, we can see the small development between the MC and the female lead. We can see some good traits of them and also from some other characters. However, this is where things start to derail.

      The author made (by mistake or not) the bad traits overwrite the good ones, and by quite a margin.

      For example: The MC shows great potential in aura, having the chance to become a powerhouse in the future; has a (debatable) working head above his/ her shoulders; has a good body, and is supposedly strong at 10 and odd years old.

      But, all of this is completely overshadowed by how he/ she acts and behave. Being meek when he/she obviously shouldn't be, spilling tears at the slightest indication that someone of a higher authority is angry at him/her, etc.

      And this also brings the next problem: the love interest.

      The mistress, Freya, is a terrible choice as a romantic interest to write about.

      Reason being that her character was made basically "irremediable".

      She was presented to the reader as a bad character, and I must say, her "good points" were severely lacking to make her be someone with just "circumstances", thus making her a "bad person" and believe me, the first impression lasts, even more Freya's which was as strong if not more than the duchess's and head maid's.

      The problem was that the author wanted to make a sadistic character and went over the top. She became just an annoying one and her POVs weren't enough to make up for this, because again: "her "good points" were severely lacking to make her be someone with just "circumstances"."

      And this is not talking about the BDSM part.

      I get that Freya wasn't experienced and all.聽


      I must say that a novel is the storytelling about someone, doing something, somewhere and for some reason.

      As such, the motivation, journey and goal matters.

      And the BDSM was introduced in such a manner that I'm not even looking forward to it.

      It was introduced through torture. This alone is even justifiable if looked from a certain point of view, but when you put it this way on top of every abuse the MC has already suffered, yeah, it's not cool.

      Overall, the characters were made unlikeable. Freya was made to such a point that I didn't even look forward to her "romance", but just to MC getting free. I didn't even want Freya to get screen time due to how she behaves herself.

      And this is another thing.

      Her behavior.

      The author was threading a fine line here and looks like they were going to fell. I hope I'm wrong, but so far I didn't see it to be the case.

      With everything that was done until now, it won't be much of a stretch to say that what Freya is doing can or will be considered later on as romatinzed abuse.

      Because there is no love in their interactions and not a single shred of conscience from Freya's part, and this coupled with MC behavior and mindset doesn't wield a good result to read. And then, by the looks of things, the MC is going to get masochists traits.

      This in itself isn't abnormal or wrong. But she gaining them under those circumstances, and to someone like Freya, to later on develop a romantic relationship? This is something I can't consider as a good reading. Not to me, at least.

      3 - The succubus part

      No, it doesn't justify the MC feeling aroused in extreme situations such as torture.

      10 years of humiliation and torment.

      Hellish training for petty reasons.

      Needless torture and orgasms denial.

      Nothing, and I repeat, nothing should or could make her feel aroused.

      Even if she is a succubus, her soul and mind is mostly human and this situation should evoke anger in her, mainly if orgasm denial is involved.

      He/ she got pleasure? Pleasure mixed with discomfort and not-so-accomodating situation results in unsatisfaction, anger and so on because the rational part of the brain would prioritize to first get rid of the discomfort before even getting to enjoy something. Reason why, I believe people don't often enjoy doing the deed in an uncomfortable position.

      So, this part just don't sit well with me.

      We could also adhere to the fact that even if they are of age, both Freya and Ellise are 10.

      But as some readers already did, I wouldn't.

      4 - Construction

      As said above, all the points boiled down to one thing:

      I can't get interested in the story/ plot because the people and events that make it happen and progress annoy me more than give me a good entertainment.

      It's simple as that.

      I can't sympathize/ agree with the characters;聽

      I can't enjoy the characters interactions because it is always about abuse and punishment;

      I can't enjoy the romance because the start of it is as I said: not much of a stretch to call romantized abuse.

      This is why, sadly, I can't get a good read of this novel.

      It has an interesting plot, an interesting world, and honestly, the MC having a body of that would normally be something interesting to read about.

      I could even continue to read, but the annoyance while reading hinders me from having a good read, and I feel more like agonizing by reading about the things said above, because every single time that I hoped they would get better, they didn't, if anything, they got worse.

      So, all in all, you can give it a try and if you enjoy, nothing wrong. But if you feel uncomfortable while reading or agree with me in the points above, it would be better to stop.

      I sadly can't say that this was a good reading, but I enjoyed while it lasted.


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      9 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c8

      Complete waste of time, the MC is abused constantly and then even gets into it. I was hoping for some bloodbathes against this filth. But nope, MC is a complete masochistic pushover.

      A disgrace for anything calling themself a person.

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      9 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chapter 14 (r-18)

      Best novel imo if you are searching for a fantasy story with Yuri BDSM and magical realism and empires i.e. Action as well 

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      8 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chapter 22

      This is one of those novels/stories that starts off dark, almost unnecessarily so, and generally gets better over time. As of chapter 22, is has yet to really get better... 聽


      The MC, Ellis, is still a slave. No surprise there, as it鈥檚 pretty early in the story. Thing is, you could easily summarize the past 10 or so chapter as 鈥楨llis does something that Freya, the villainess/duchess鈥 daughter Ellis serves, finds fault with to torment her. Freya does so beyond the point of reasonable punishment because she just so happens to be a sadist by birth. Not to mention that her personality apparently is warped by the dark aura, so yeah...

      Good potential, and I can see it working.

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      3 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c5

      From the very first paragraph I thought that the writing felt odd. But I kept reading. However, as I moved into the second and third chapter I felt that the novel kept going downhill.

      First of all, the things that happen in the novel don't make any sense. In the first three chapters or so, MC gets slapped and kicked and so on. You spent so much gold on her yet you are trying to break and kill her? Wut? Some other reviewer said it well: why are they torturing her for no reason? Breaking her bones, hitting her face and risking scarring and so on. These tortures make no sense. They are torture for the sake of it. If they got some s*xual pleasure out of it, then that would be acceptable, but they are trying to train her a maid first of all...

      Second of all, the writing kept feeling odd all throughout the chapters. It feels like a bad translation. Not to mention for some reason she knows she is a succubus? How is that possible. Out of nowhere she goes: "Ah, I am a succubus btw." Like, what?

      This is a story with potential, but it feels lacking.

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: all chapters read till latest

      Umm I don't know... But I think if you like sadistic yanderes in GL then this will be enjoyable for you 

      But this has a lot of info dumps if you can endure that as a patreons reader then nothing is wrong, the grammar and dialogues keeps importing on quality and emotions as story progresses and a spoiler 

      I'll keep updating this as I keep reading the chapters in the future so you guys could later get a reference whenever you wish to read 

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      1 Likes 路 Like
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