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/ Series / SoulSliced: Lunar
SoulSliced: Lunar
SoulSliced: Lunar
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Two-year-old Marik Goron was a relatively normal child of the Goron pack. Then the dreams began. He dreamt of people he'd never of, places he'd never been, knowledge he'd never had, and a world he'd never known of. As the dreams became more realistic and defined, he began to realize both how much and how little this life had for him.

Major events and tragedies begin to occur and Marik must decide how he will live from now on.
-Tags may not be 100% accurate/complete but will be updated as the story goes
-MC is not meant to be a cheat character but he is special and progression is meant to be slow
-Chapters that are fully explicit and can be skipped will be marked, but there will still be scenes and mentions of adult content in normal chapters
-Chapters will soon be released on Tue, Thurs, Sat with possible bonus chapters on Sun

Age Progression Alternate World Beastkin Demi-Humans Elves Fairies Kingdoms Love Interest Falls in Love First Orcs Polygamy R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Werebeasts
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Table of Contents
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