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The Grim Reaper lives his life in two worlds. One in Hell and the other on Earth. No one on earth but his best friend Jonas knows him as the reaper. He’s just the friendly beautiful local florist named Christos. Hidden behind pain and sorrow lies a deepened well of ferocious power. He has to split his time between both worlds. While trying to juggle his responsibilities he also needs to reign in his rising obsession with Heath.

Heath, as he is known on Earth, is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Producing the worlds leading sleeping medication he can easily be named the richest man on earth. Too bad none of that money holds value in Hell. He is known as Hypnos the God of sleep in the underworld. Along with his brother Thanatos the God of death, they prefer Hell. Hypnos has a secret that Christos can't know.

Will this secret lead to anything good or will it tear the fabric of Hell apart?

AdultBoys LoveDramaFantasyMatureMysteryRomanceSmut
Angels Beautiful Couple Clingy Lover Cold Protagonist Cruel Characters Death Demons Evil Gods Fallen Nobility Godly Powers Gods Hell Late Romance Masturbation Mpreg Mythology Possession Sealed Power Secret Crush Sexual Abuse Soul Power Toys Witches
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