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/ Series / I Guess, Another World Is Really Different
I Guess, Another World Is Really Different
I Guess, Another World Is Really Different
19.5k Views 425 Favorites 48 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 205 Readers
4.1 (9 ratings)
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Akira, a weak boy after dying gets transmigrated in an anime world in a weak poor boy named Arthur. And with full hope to start a new life he proceeds but he only sees the dark side of world. Will he will lose to the dark side or he will keep hope in the darkness? Read to find out.
This is a Kenja no Mago Fanfic.
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ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsPsychologicalSchool Life
kenja no mago
Based on an Anime Cold Protagonist Demons Godly Powers Heroes Hunters Kingdoms Knights Living Alone Magic Magic Beasts Orphans Tsundere Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 48
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Table of Contents
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