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Take Eldritch surveys! Noted!
Take Eldritch surveys! Noted!
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    Status: chapter 13: the chosen path is...

    The novel is very well written with almost no grammar mistakes. The author matches the personality of the current universe's characters just as you would believe they would be like in their respective story no one including the MC is like a robot with forced conversations. The chapter sizes are great for a daily-release novel and I found myself not realizing how much time has disappeared it has been a while since I discovered I novel that has done this. Although at first, I thought this was going to become another become fanfic where they just end up joining teen titans or the justice league, mind you I didn't read the tags before starting this as I was just looking at trending. The anti-hero part was done well in my opinion and the power scaling is going great so far so she is strong but it doesn't seem stupid like how other novels make op MCs.


    For example, lucifer is way stronger than her right now.

    The different points of view are made well so that you don't feel like they are just to take up space but actually provide much more to the story. I hope to see this story continue and keep this current quality till completion. I really recommend anyone give the story 10 chapters before giving up. Also, this is a multiverse fanfic so if dc really isn't your thing she won't be there forever like she is already going somewhere new by chapter 13.

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    Status: c56

    It's a solid 4/5. It has a lot of issues, but those are overcome with the positives. Small spoiler, but not anything past like c15.

    Anyway, here's my problems with this novel and why I don't think it's a 5/5. I am rating this as a 4 star, so I will critisize the smaller things also.

    The first arc is almost perfect imo. I don't know sh*t about DC, but it's done really well and is honestly one of the best fanfiction powerfantasy starting arcs i've read. You get to know the main character, her tropes and powers, and compare them to a well known source. Problems come after that though. Basically, the reincarnation slaughter short arcs are a pain to get through. They seem try and build tension, but the MC is so overpowered and depicted as such an unsurmountable wall that it feels fake. All of the arcs so far have been the same. MC gets in, f**ks sh*t up and when all is lost, the reincarnation comes and dies in a chapter. This WAS a cool trope, it could have been done really well, but it feels like I'm reading the same thing over and over again. Mind you, first two times, I liked it. After that, not really. Sometimes the MC just goes through random bs for the f**k of it, which wastes a lot of time doing nothing and is sometimes frustrating.

    Characters are kinda cool I guess. The MC is done really well, so is Tearwyn. I liked the DC cast and how they shat themselves. Everyone else feels like they don't even exist. There's the black water thingys but they're all brainwashed, then there's the goddess who is mostly not there so I don't really care. Villains are 2 chapter small fry, which I don't mind, but they are still characters. I feel like there could have been some allies for MC, where she could have gotten genuine supporters and it could have been a blast. Like for example, someone from the DC verse could have been like "yeah, she has a point" and tried talking with her. Hell, there was even potential build up with Hawk girl and all that.

    World is a multiverse bs thing. Don't know how it works, but there's a lot of different anime/movie verses linked and it's whatever. The worlds are cool but aren't really explored due to the MCs nature. The worlds chosen are really good though for what they are, props to author. Not the most interesting, but considering they hard to be something most readers knew from before, it is what it is.

    Plot is actually one of my complaints here. On the decision to choose what to do after DC verse, could have been better to not make it a repetitive plot line. Maybe make it not 6 worlds with random stuff in between, but like three. Then move onto another thing. Because it DOES get sort of repetitive from reincarnations, even if it is written well.

    Don't get me wrong, despite all my complaints it is still written well. If you've read a lot of the good ones on here, this one should definitely be on your list. Not a masterpiece, but an honest effort and a good web novel nearing professional grade.

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    Status: chapter 52: pantheon

    It’s a good story but it gets repetitive and gives a feeling of being really rushed. It has several points that pulls me in but the author’s decision to basically say “f**k it” and destroy everything really ruins a lot of things

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    Status: chapter 26: the old fox knows...

    Your fics are great but I think I am starting to see a pattern, MC takes a survey goes to another world becomes with op powers gets adjusted to her powers and mindset, kills planets, fights an alternate version of herself who she looks at with contempt before killing them and proceeding to go to different worlds and wreaking havoc or killing planets or both.

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    3 Likes · Like

    This is a great fanfic, especially the interactions of artoria with the world around her and other characters. It's really an enjoyable read. Sure, the style itself is not really common in storytelling. But how the author writes it and describe everything paints a clear picture in the mind. Even if there is no goals or plot in mind, they somehow managed to drive the character ahead.

    All in all, I am here for a wild ride and a long one

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    Status: chapter 41: ~chapter name at the...

    I'm not too sure about my thoughts on this novel as I very much enjoy it but it has its issue and they get more obvious as the story goes on and before I continue I want to make it clear this is a very good ff the only reason the issue is so bad is because everything else is good. So to begin I'd say the main issue is in the details of the characters and how long this arc is going on for. For the first one it's simple a lot of villains or just minor characters are just one dimensional especially the characters on the light side but that feels like it has plot reasons but it's still annoying. And the second issue is more major it's mainly due to this whole unlocking seals and stuff but she shouldn't be unlocking seals as that would give her infinite power or in other words the killer of any interesting plot points but the author just makes the MC so strong it's frustrating and one last minor issue before I list the good parts the fluff is too much and her attachment to the goddess is way stronger than it should be. Aight now the good bits 1. The most major characters have pretty good depth and the way they are represented is also done well 2. The grammar is near perfect 3. The chapter are quite long 4. This story can keep you hooked easily so that's also a good part all in all I would rate this story a 4 star This may sound like an overly negative review but I do genuinely love the story so please keep up the good word

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    Status: chapter 35: war games, and falling...

    So, far this was pretty enjoyable, although it seems that everything is going well for her so it might get boring later on, but either way I hope to see you doing Grand Order soon after Dxd, maybe have Artoria fight Goddess Rhygioa-whatever her name is, and get the Lance and corrupt it maybe?

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    Status: chapter 19: the honour and wrath...

    All I was say this is you're an amazing the series I have found so far right now is from the fan fiction website the series is call A Gamers rise in Marvel by La Pucelle Altre you take a similar approach but just different outcomes all I say to the Altar and readers right now is to go check it out

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    Status: chapter 64: unforgivable?

    Overall I liked it. The start of it was phenomenal, and it did (in my opinion) dip down to a 3.5-4 star for a bit, but now I think its back up to the 5, hence my rating

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    Status: intermission: life continues in dc.

    I really like this author’s style and how they do colored font in a way that does not seem extra. The story is good and you can tell they put a lot of ef

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