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/ Series / So I’m a Fish, So What?
So I’m a Fish, So What?
So I’m a Fish, So What?
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An anomaly meets his end after a short, miserable life where his emotional capabilities were forcibly stripped from him.

While his soul was on its way to the cycle of reincarnation, it was intercepted by an outerversal goddess who happened to take interest in its peculiarity.

Offered three limited wishes and a choice of a modern world to reincarnate into, he (now she–

“Wait… What do you mean by ‘now she’?! Don’t just gloss over such an important detail, goddammit!” An adorable baby’s voice echoes throughout the room.

He, now she, experiences a normal childhood for the first time–well, as normal as it could be–while preparing herself for her upcoming adventure in a third world.

Making new friends, spending time with her family, hacking into secret labs–Cough! Investing countless hours into learning everything possible, she meets her second end due to a fated accident.

She (now it–

“Like I said before, don’t gloss over something like this, idiot!! This is a matter of life and death for me! …You’re just messing around with pronouns at this point.” A fish roars in a cryptic bubble language.

She, now it, finally sets out on a grand, thrilling adventure where her insane luck, prophetic intuition, and an unexpectedly nice evil goddess are her best companions!

Watch how she weaves around the agendas of some unfathomable divine beings, destroys entire ecosystems for food, protects all whom she treasures from harm at all costs, and somehow gets involved in a three-way war between humans, demons, and elves!
I'm not a native English speaker/writer, so don't expect expert level writing. If you find any writing mistake, you can point them out in a comment and I'll fix them asap!

I started writing this fanfic out of boredom and due to the lack of "So I'm a Spider, So What?" fanfics on the internet, so don't expect an award-winning level plot with gripping . I would appreciate constructive criticism and new ideas to add to the mix.

The whole gender bender thing is just there cause I wanna write about a female protagonist even though I don't know much about women's life perspective. You can just ignore it and consider this a fem mc fanfic.

I will mostly focus on the "So I'm a Spider, So What?" world, but the protagonist might go to other worlds for a number of reason. In such cases, I'll either create an entire new fic where I post such arcs, or normally add them here with an attached tag behind the chapter name.

I try to keep a semi-regular update schedule, but I keep in mind that I'm college student with limited time and a busy unstable schedule. Missed or delayed uploads will be fairly common.

The elements in this fanfic are not mine except for my own additions to the worldview, specifically (The protagonist, the new monsters, the OCs etc...) and they all belong to the author of the wonderful novel "So I'm a Spider, So What?", Okina Baba.

The Illustration cover is generated by GodsAlien using AI.

You can support me over at my Ko-fi page:

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiSci-fi
So I'm a Spider, So what?
Based on an Anime Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Cheats Clever Protagonist Conspiracies Demon Lord Determined Protagonist Evolution Fast Learner Female Protagonist Game Elements Gods Late Romance Loner Protagonist Magic Male to Female Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Non-human Protagonist Non-linear Storytelling Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Skill Assimilation Souls Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 30- ravine


    So far this is a top tier fanfic and even better so since it is a good Kumo desu fanfic which is something we have been distinctly lacking on scribblehub.

    In my opinion it is a fanfic done right; it is similar to the original but does not retread the exact same plot-line, the character is quite different and far more actually self-assured (not just another friendless introvert that becomes a psychopath in 5 chapters) whilst still being kinda mentally unhinged in her own way... like any good litrpg protag. She is a character with personality and motivations which is more than I can say for most such protagonists.

    This isn't an Elroe labyrinth story though we do get occasional nods and POVs of Kumoko and the peanut galleries' progression which I certainly appreciate. The completely different environment certainly helps keep it interesting, and despite the world kinda bending over backwards to give the protag powerful abilities, they are sufficiently nerfed alongside her starting form that we still get the satisfying progression from a started mob to big fish (pun intended).

    Finally I think that the integration with the world is also done very well; it isn't a protagonist dropped into the plot with no care for the existing cast: most of the story you'll be reading at the start is there to set up relationships and motivations. The interactions with D are also a nice touch.

    Now the downsides: 

    This is a fanfic with a protaginist that met ROB and got meta knowledge of the story (though allegedly of only the first volume) alongside some powers as is customary. I personally like such stories but it might not be your cup of tea.

    Warning: This is a 'genius' protagonist story, ie: the protagonist claims to have absorbed all human science by the age of 15 and been hacking into 'top secret' labs to get more since. I'd recommend the author to cut down on that a little: it is too over the top, and plays no role but to make the protag sound pretentious since she isn't even going to use any of that knowledge anyways.

    I'd also say that the length of the introductory phase is a bit of a downside: I didn't mind it much; It was entertaining enough and good for characterizing her interactions with the cast, but I can see how certain readers would be bored to tears by it and would either drop the novel or skip to ch 17 and get confused later.


    it's really good but the author really lays it on thick with some aspects of the introduction. Beware lengthy intro and wunderkind yandere protag. Other than that: it is a fanfic done right: probably my favorite kumo desu fanfic yet and definitely sits on the 'check for update every 6 hours' list

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 13- aftermath

    I'm loving it. The writing style is soooo good, the story pace is great, you don't think is to slow or to fast. I'm in love with your ideas, and can't wait to when we really get to another world. All in all, this novel is amazing and everyone should at least give it a chance 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c86

    A fanfiction that pretty much a copy and paste of the original, MC or tomoko is exact copy of kumoko in term of everything she do, does or will do is the same path as kumoko. Even her monologue is the same style as the original. But one thing that make me wonder about shun is that author seem to hate him for being normal and dull while others get a massive upgrade in terms of everything whatever their personality or ability. It make me wonder that is it a sin for being normal or a dull person? Did shun a stupid one who got look down upon for not being serial killer, analytical, cold blood, Calculate person? If you don't like shun why not make him a better person suit your taste instead of making him stay idiotic or make him being worse??

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 51- heading towards the...

    great story! As of 1-2-2023, 59 chapters in. Story fleshes out the main character quite well in the first few characters - her personality, her preferences, her obsessions, stuff like that. Briefly references the plotline of kumo while not relying on it too much - nice sense of originality you don't find in a lot of fanfictions. 

    Main warnings for prospective future readers ahead:

    >  "genius" type main character with some system knowledge - she's going to be gaming her stats and abilities like mad. If you dislike that kind of protagonist, go read a non-system based story. 

    >  actual reincarnation doesn't happen until chapter 17. This is both good and bad, since it fleshes out the MC quite well and allows the reader to understand who she is before the real story starts, meaning that we can immediately jump into having fun watching her slaughter everything around her like a certain spider :D Downside is that it *does* take 17 chapters to reincarnate, so if you want to skip the setting up of her background in favor of getting to the good 'ol slaughterfest of litrpg systems, chapter 17 is where you start.  

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1 – a boy’s death

    I like this because this goes before things before the reincarnation see what she does what you doing what you preparing for and don't know go straight towards the enemy starting point and not only that it does not say specifically what day did the anime Point start at

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: interlude- a merchant’s intuition

    This is a very good story, and even though it is a fanfiction, it feels and is a really original story, with great Grammer, story, plot, and execution 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 30- ravine

    Loving the story so far, and the flashforwards in the stories. I'm just hoping the story get a few hundred chapters or something for me to read.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 7

    This isn't for me. I was baited by the Male to Female tag, MC doesn't have a single shed of his Male self, because the MC after dying got his memories conveniently blurred by author so the MC starts acting like a spoiled little girl, her inner monologues are like a discount version of Kumoko only the MC is not funny at all, she's shallow and her humour is cringe. 

    The beginning chapters that was meant for MC's growth is just annoying and there's so much unnecessary drama involve and makes me cringe so bad. MC was reborn and so is her mentality, she is very childish and dumb. It would've been better if she's at least funny but she's just cringe, that's all. 

    PS: If you want to read this just read the Chapter 1 & 2 then skip to Chapter 17  (I wish i've done this but now i've lost interest in this story)

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 87- doubts

    Top tier lovable MC right here.

    If you want a thought out plot and diverse characters including hateful, irritating and loveable ones, this is the go to.

    Although some emotional moments were executed poorly at first it has certainly improved now. So you can go ahead and read this masterpiece.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 68- part-time job interview…?

    So far im liking the novel, but im catching up so I hope the author updates more

    Read More

    0 Likes · Like
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