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/ Series / Got A Great System! Narcissist On The Way.
Got A Great System! Narcissist On The Way.
Got A Great System! Narcissist On The Way.
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5.0 (4 ratings)
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The story is about a boy named Stein Heller who was transmigrated into a body of a boy in another world. After getting kidnapped, some old freaky scientist tried to run an experiment on Stein Heller but it failed with an explosion. Yet, Stein got a system and ended up transmigrating his soul into Roy Chester’s body, who died after being betrayed by his childhood friend who chose the hero over him.

What adventure Stein will have in isekai?

What kind of life he will get….!?

Read the novel if you are interested in a thrilling, perverted adventure of Stein Heller in another world!

Ntr here won’t affect the reader

(I started this novel in webnovel and it’s my first written novel. Well, now I'm publishing it here after rearranging some details so, it’s not as same as the webnovel version. I'm trying to improve my writing style and as well as the story! Hope you’ll enjoy reading this! And english is not my native language so, you will find blands in grammar and phrases )

Adultery Betrayal Childhood Friends Clever Protagonist Demons Evil Protagonist Game Elements Goddesses Magical Space Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Mind Break Narcissistic Protagonist Netori Nobles Nudity Polygamy R-18 Rape Revenge Ruthless Protagonist Slaves Threesome Transmigration Wealthy Characters
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    Status: chapter 07 – where am i?

    Good and interesting so far. Though not much has happened though. I would say it's still the prologue part before first arc starts. Also, not sure how it's decided which skills he gets from system.  Hope it will be defined later on.

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    Status: c4

    I think I'm the first reader of this novel.

    The story is quite detailed but slow paced. Character development is good.

    Looking forward to read something enjoyable. Hope the writer won't disappoint us.

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