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/ Series / (Dropped – Rework in progress) Demon Days
(Dropped – Rework in progress) Demon Days
(Dropped – Rework in progress) Demon Days
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Story has been dropped due to a mixture of me not being happy with where it was going and having life get in the way. I have managed to get the energy and time to start writing again however and am currently rewriting the story from the ground up using some of the ideas that first inspired me to start Demon Days.

The new story will be very different in a lot of ways however, with the mc being thrown into the world with much less help, and forced to build mostly from the ground up in order to survive in the harsh demon world.

I do not intend to start posting the story until I am fairly confident I like the direction of the plot and characters, as I really dont want to start posting only to realize i hate the story. As of 6/26/2020 I have just hit the 10k word mark of the new story, but am still rather far from being confident yet and will likely need to hit at least 50k before im ready to post.

If you are interested in sneak peaks, feel free to message me and I will be happy to share em tho! (and by peaks i mean just throwing my writing google doc at you cause i dont really care who sees it early, i just dont wanna post cause it feels to awful to start a story on an actual site only to abandon it)
Old Synopsis

Every one hundred years, the Grand Demon Lord creates one hundred demon lords, each capable of creating never before seen monsters. For what purpose? Few know, even among the demon lords themselves.

One such newborn demon lord must find his way in this chaotic world. In order to survive, he will have to create monsters, forge alliances, and most importantly, find his purpose.

Only time can tell if he will succeed.

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      Status: c12
      Oct 6, 2019

      Currently it seems the story is in the world building stages, but everything I've seen is fantastic thus far and I've got high hopes for the story. Can't wait to read more!

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