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/ Series / Reincarnated as Supergirl (YJ / DC)
Reincarnated as Supergirl (YJ / DC)
Reincarnated as Supergirl (YJ / DC)
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Kara lived the first part of her life entirely unaware she had once been someone else. but, after failling to escape from krypton, the trauma of getting trapped in a ship makes her fully remember her previous life.

Now she must strugle with two sets of memories and make sure her little cousin is gonna be ok, knowing everything the DC universe can throw at her she knows even being a Kryptonian won't be enough.


The world is mostly Young Justice but the team won't be the focus.

MC has the memories of a young guy from our universe but she was trully reincarnated and has lived most of her life as Kara Zor-El without any memories of her previous life. It's best to think of it like an amnesiac who has built a new life suddenly remembering his past memories.

EDIT: Fellow beings of refined taste, there is finally SMUT! It only takes 37 chapters! Also, smut can be easily skipped as I'll be putting it in separated chapters and you won't lose much (Just the smut itself) by skipping them.

WARNING! Kara isn't above killing her enemies, but she WILL avoid doing so when it doesn't put anyone else in danger and the villain isn't someone like the Joker.

If she is fighting the Joker and she gets to him before anyone else... well accidents happen.

DC Comics DCAU Supergirl Young Justice
Bisexual Protagonist Heroes
Table of Contents 133
  1. CHapter 62.2Mar 31, 2024
  2. Chapter 62.1Mar 27, 2024
  3. Chapter 61.5 (NSFW)Mar 18, 2024
  4. Chapter 61.2Mar 14, 2024
  5. Chapter 61.1Mar 7, 2024
  6. Chapter 60.2Mar 1, 2024
  7. Chapter 60.1Feb 25, 2024
  8. Chapter 59.2Feb 20, 2024
  9. Chapter 59.1Feb 18, 2024
  10. Chapter 58.2Feb 13, 2024
  11. Chapter 58.1Sep 2, 2023
  12. Chapter 57.2Aug 22, 2023
  13. Chapter 57.1Aug 20, 2023
  14. Supergirl – Non-canon multiverse omake. 1 (Worm)Aug 14, 2023
  15. Chapter 56.2Aug 13, 2023
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      Status: chapter 58.1

      Most other reviews cover the positive aspects (and only those really) of this novel quite well so I will instead focus on the more negative ones that I feel is holding this story back.

      Warning: Spoilers and walls of text below.

      First is how absurdly competent these supervillains are that our MC who is an alien designer child with access to kryptonian AI's (like the fortress one which got access to Jor-Els knowledge AND skills, who also happens to be the most talented and accomplished scientist of his generation, if not all generations of kryptons entire history) cant reverse engineer their tech and the reasoning being because they are dc supervillains just do not cut it for me. This implies that the type 2 or 3 (referring to their technology level, not how much they actually controlled before kryptons destruction) hyperadvanced kryptonian civilization Kara, our MC is from, is so incompetent, that despite their tech levels, she and her AI's somehow cant reverse engineer the tech of a type 0 civilization...
      Krypton is a civilization that have had who knows how long time to perfect themselves through gene modifications and designer children, so the fact that each DC supervillain is somehow superior to a designer child of the house of El, one of if not the most famous house of the science guild known for their intelligence because they are DC supervillains is ridiculous. Would have been much easier to accept if it just takes time instead because she has so many things to research that many of these villains inventions are instead on the bottom on her research list or something because their tech are not immediately useful to her goals.

      Then there are a few times where she does some really dumb stuff like calling Batman's landline instead of just asking her cousin for his bat phone's number (despite the fact that she was having a phone call with him just before calling Batman's landline) which just makes her look suspicious like all hell to others and lacking in iq to us the readers with how obvious it should be not to do this which clashes with how smart our MC is supposed to be. While I am willing to give some leeway with how difficult it is to create smart characters that does not excuse some of these things. And while there is also the fact that in the DC universe technology is intentionally kept back due to there being multiple writers of multiple characters and so on I think it is important to point out that this is a fan fiction, meaning it does not have to be limited by those restrictions thus making the weird divide between our designer child MC and these supervillains even more absurd. Her not being good at software, biology and other fields should just be straight out irrelevant when she got access to the fortress AI and most of Kryptons knowledge + knowledge from the house of El that it has stored (-15% that was lost from Kara's ship). It would however be relevant when she does not have access to it if such a situation were to happen.

      The author picked a character that in a more ''realistic'' setting has far more potential than even Superman with the different advantages she have (kryptonian education and optimised genes) so it would have been better if things are adjusted so the things she have issues dealing with are the things she should reasonably struggle with rather than coming up with excuses for why she cant deal with things that should be very easy for her to deal with which is why I think it would have been better if it was training her kryptonian powers (+ meditation techniques), the Psion primogenitor organ, magic (+magical enemies), social interactions and figuring out how to reverse engineer kryptonian tech so it can be used efficiently with available materials on earth (and the creation of superior materials with what is easily and abundantly available) she have a hard time figuring out rather than supervillain tech which is the very thing she should excel at with the resources she has available to her, but maybe that is just me?

      ''I know this may be coming off as too mean because everything superheroes has plot holes but I wouldnt be so hard on it if the plot holes didnt bleed through to how it constantly prevents/regresses character growth.'' (stole this line from a youtube vid).
      Now, I dont want anyone to misunderstand and think I do not like this novel because I do like it quite a bit. The reason for why I am being so harsh is because I hope that this good novel can instead become a great one. I just cannot justify anything higher than 3 stars with the many issues this novel currently has as it suffers from so many of the same inconsistencies that made the flash, supergirl and other super hero tv shows bad (and comics too I suppose but I dont read much of those so cant say for certain).

      Read More

      21 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 23.2

      Ok, I am not one for fan fiction, but current Official DC reads like Tumbler bad fan fiction... And this feels and reads like the REAL SuperGirl! Read it you will not  be disappointed! 

      Read More

      10 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 11.2

      I finished reading this and I really have a lot of hope for it. The author started the MC on a path to greatness and I am eager to see where it lead if they can maintain this level of quality writing. This is a story a bit like my own (Raptor and Komand'r) and so far the author turned Kara in a gray MC who isn't swayed by the black and white life of the DC universe.

      We will see where Kara is going with her exploitation of her metaknowledge, so far she started well.

      Read More

      9 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 20.1
      The story seems fun enough at the start. But that doesn't last to long.
      The author gets caught up in pointless minutia all the time, and there is a lot of "tell, don't show" going on. And while the writing isn't bad it's quite dry, it's never funny or clever, and Supergirl lacks any of her normal playfulness or s*xappeal. 
      The "reincarnated" part of the story is used for two things, and neither makes the story better. Firstly it skips any exploration, because Kara already knows everything and she mostly just has to powerup enough to do what she needs to do. And secondly (since apparently memories from a previous life greatly influence your s*xual orrientation) to get her into a lesbian romance.
      Kara is constantly losing since the beginning of the book, but gets through things with pure deus ex machina and plot armor. The author seems insistant to try make Kara an underdog, but that doesn't work for a superhero story, at all.

      Read More

      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 16.1

      just binged through all of this and I can say it's nice. I just wished that Kara would be a little more heavy handed with stances on taking down villains cause for all its seriousness the DCU is surprisingly silly sometimes. But I also agree that writing a serious and not 'comic book goodie two shoes hero' without making her seem like a f**king pshyco or some edgy lord is hard.

      Anyways this fic is good and its worth a read, but if you are coming here hoping to find some super dark MC..... this ain't it chief but I think its better this way.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 14.2 – interlude 2

      It's very well written and has very little in the way of mistakes. I like the direction the author is taking the MC and I have become very engrossed in the story. Keep up the good work.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like

      This story is great and the writing is easy to to understand. ][/the story uses more than just the young justice plot line and uses other characters of the dc universe which I like. Spoiler]

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 42.2

      Been loving most of the story! Only issues I've had with it were in the earlier chapters where the MC was being far too naive or falling into the generic trope of holding back without a particularly compelling reason to do so. But otherwise it's a great story with a lot of thought going into the timeline, processes and actions of the characters. The reincarnation part of the story doesn't feel very forced or even too prominent despite being in the title, which is great imo since it shouldn't be the thing holding the story together. Instead it's the aforementioned thought process and semi-realistic actions the MC takes and her mindset of the world.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 18.2

      I like the story, for once you aren't following canon to the letter like the majority of Fanfics and you also introduced new characters. The only thing I'm not looking forward it's Kara falling for some dude, I'm fine with her being lesbian, it's actually hot, but her getting horny for some dude it's a let down, at least for me (too shojo manga)

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 15.1

      I love the story so far. Author is updating quickly, and I love it. Take your time.

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like
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