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/ Series / The Terran Traveller
The Terran Traveller
The Terran Traveller
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4.5 (6 ratings)
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Change Logs
Change Log 0.0

Date: Before September 14, 2020

Changes made prior to creation of change logs

Change 1: Structure adjustments
Change 2: Removal of character and miscellaneous info from Glossary section due to limitations
Change 3: Title changes and distinctions.

  • CHAPTER - Provides micro aspects of the story. Driven by MC
  • INTERLUDE - Provides macro aspects of the story. Driven by Scientists
  • SUPPLEMENTARY - Provides side stories and other miscellaneous details that help shape the world and the characters

Change 4: Book cover added on June 23, 2020
Change 5: Synopsis updated on August 4, 2020
Change 6: Book cover updated on August 15, 2020

Change Log 1.0

Date: September 14, 2020

Change 0 - Chapters can now be read in Dark Mode

Based on valuable feedback and some reflection as an author, the following changes will occur starting from CH : 30

Change 1 - Sound Effects in the form of words will be eliminated from the story
Change 2 - More internal dialogue from all relevant characters, especially the MC
Change 3 - Change in prose
Change 4 - Chapter length will range between 1500 and 2500 words

Change Log 1.1

Date: September 26, 2020

Change 1: Release cycle has been changed to 1 chapter / week until further notice. Day and time of release are Saturdays @ 3PM PST
Change 2: Synopsis has been updated

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      Status: ch : 5 – awakening part 5b
      Aug 31, 2020

      This is a very interesting take on isekai/transmigration. It takes a more sci-fi approach, asking what it would be like if transmigration were actually a form of punishment. I like the idea and the concept, it’s very interesting tackling a genre that’s usually firmly based on fantasy/high fantasy and giving it a sci-fi twist. I also like that the author asks “what if transmigration isn’t as great as we think it is?” Admittedly, I’m still in the early chapters but I felt I had enough information to be able to give a review that will probably be appended later on. 

      The chapters are meaty and give those who prefer a longer read enough to sink their teeth into. Even with the long chapters, they don’t tend to meander too much. There is a clear goal behind the chapters and that makes it much more palatable. 

      My only gripe would be with the prose and styling. It’s very beige and does a lot of telling. It’s hard to get into the shoes of the MC and the POV characters because we’re being told what’s happening rather than being shown and given an experience. The dialog reads like a script which also breaks some of the immersion. It helps with keeping things straight but it doesn’t help with how jarring it is tot he experience of reading. And there are some bits that come across like heavy handed info dumps that also break the experience. &Nbsp;

      As far as I’ve gotten there isn’t enough about the MC, 513, for me to have an opinion on him. But I am assuming he develops more as a character as the chapters go on so I’ll save any thoughts for then. 

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