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/ Series / The Bracelet I Got Was More Than I Bargained For
The Bracelet I Got Was More Than I Bargained For
The Bracelet I Got Was More Than I Bargained For
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Andrew and his friends, Isaac, Lisbeth, and Cameron meet a shady man on the way home from school. This man promises them adventure on another world, called Calorin, if they are willing to help him with an experiment. This experiment requires the use of a bracelet, one that cannot be removed once bonded to but will give them abilities such as healing or enhanced strength. Thanks to some peer pressure Andrew reluctantly agrees to join the experiment. The friends are soon on their way to Calorin but Andrew notices feelings coming from the bracelet, ones that want nothing to do with the strange man. It is just before they arrive at their destination that the bracelet changes everything for Andrew and he finds himself separated from his friends and the strange man. Stuck in the middle of a forest Andrew will need to find out where he is, how to find his friends, and why the bracelet has been acting the way it has.

Author's Note:
This story is a sidequel/prequel to my Salis story. As it only has one or two connected characters there is no need to read one or the other to understand them.

Alternate World Average-looking Protagonist Beastkin Caring Protagonist Corruption Flashbacks Healing Honest Protagonist Human Experimentation Magic Male Protagonist Mind Break Multiple Transported Individuals Sentient Objects Shapeshifters Sharing A Body Slow Romance Souls Subtle Romance Transported into Another World
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