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/ Series / Isekai’d as a regular ordinary kitty cat‽‽
Isekai’d as a regular ordinary kitty cat‽‽
Isekai’d as a regular ordinary kitty cat‽‽
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Our protagonist, who reincarnated as a black cat.

This is so not what I had in mind...

Misty Reed

A blue-haired catgirl who takes care of the kitties in the shelter.

Still feel a twang of envy every time I see her...

Dr. Saundra Alvarado

An elfin woman who gives the cats their necessary checkups and other medical treatment.

I get that I need medical care, but that doesn't make me any less mortified about it!

Barry Gallagher

A broke college student. Studies magic under Prof. Flores.

He's a nice kid. At least to cats.

Professor Rosalinda Flores

A professor of magic. Barry is one of her students. She's looking for cats that are somehow "different", and it seems Lucky is one of them...

Who is this woman‽ Why am I interesting to her‽ I mean other than the triangle ears and meow meow!

Shelter kitties

A blue-eyed white cat. Not deaf, despite the well-known genetic quirk.

Lazy as heck, though.


An energetic and mischievous yellow-eyed calico.

She thinks she's so sneaky. Well, maybe she is by non-sapient cat standards.

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