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/ Series / Awakened [Demon LitRPG Series]đŸ©ž
Awakened [Demon LitRPG Series]đŸ©ž
Awakened [Demon LitRPG Series]đŸ©ž
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4.2 (9 ratings)
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When the rifts appeared, they brought many things to the world. To some, they symbolised divine retribution, while others revered their enigmatic presence. The Guild—ever opportunistic—capitalised on their potential for profit in the name of righteousness. Nations—hungry for power—saw the rifts as instruments of conquest. Meanwhile, the system identified them as unwanted intruders to be eradicated.

Kade, perpetually driven by curiosity, could hardly resist the allure of the mysterious purple crystal. He would insist it wasn't his doing, but his own steps led him steadily toward the chaotic whirlwind that had ensnared countless others. However, Kade was not one to surrender in the face of adversity. With his newfound connection to the system and unwavering resolve, he refused to let misfortune be his end—at least for now.

Release Schedule: TBD

Mature Warning: Profanity, Sexual Content, Gore, Traumatising content for some.  

*Warning: Visuals in this novel may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.*

This series employs GIFs for system visualization. Loading chapters may necessitate an adequate internet connection, with data requirements occasionally reaching up to 10 MB in GIFs. It appears that this may only present difficulties for those with subpar mobile data connectivity.

Adventurers Age Progression Apocalypse Beast Companions Character Growth Crafting Death Demi-Humans Demons Determined Protagonist Druids Early Romance Elemental Magic Gods Late Romance Level System Magic Male Protagonist Mythical Beasts Strong Love Interests Sword And Magic System Administrator Vampires Weak to Strong Witches
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