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/ Series / Girl, 100 Million for Your Lifetime
Girl, 100 Million for Your Lifetime
Girl, 100 Million for Your Lifetime
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7 years ago, after a spicy night with him, she left 100 bucks and snuck out, not knowing that he is the son of a business magnate. He fell in love with her at first sight. On the way to chase her, he caught a car accident and lost all his memories...
7 years later, she came back with his son. Will fate let them meet again? Will she make him fall for her this time? Is he going to drop his revenge plans for protecting her?

ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Affair Amnesia Arrogant Characters Beautiful Couple Calm Protagonist Child Protagonist Female Protagonist Love Rivals Love Triangles Modern Day Revenge
Table of Contents 31
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Table of Contents
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