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/ Series / Rebirth of Abium
Rebirth of Abium
Rebirth of Abium
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3.8 (29 ratings)
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Abium, an orphan boy, worked as a servant at the Lawbarth noble house till 16 years old. But one day, when he was traveling to the capital city with Lawbarth household members, monsters ambushed them.

Due to the sudden ambush, the household members abandoned him and other servants as scapegoats and escaped. Panicking, those servants and Abium ran in different directions, and by some luck, he survived.

But chaos descended to the Easica continent.

Demons and Devils appeared from Abyss and Hell!

Evil gods' cult members started slaughtering humans.

He then had a chance to become a warrior and started his journey. In the chaotic world, he worked hard by taking quests and survived. But his luck ended when the mysterious mages turned their attention towards the demons and devils.

A disastrous battle happened. In the end, mages finally managed to repel those Chaos beings and achieved a great victory. But Abium wasn't fortunate enough to watch the ending. He died at the hand of a Greater Demon named Kolgath and disappeared from everyone's memories.

When he woke up, he found himself traveled back in time. What choice would he make to change his future?

(Author's Note: It's a slow-paced novel. Review it after reading more than 100 Chaps. The story will get interesting after Chapter 100. If you want to put a 1-star rating, give me some reason, so I can correct them. I'm writing to improve my writing skills not to play. If you put 1-star ratings, I will only feel down and would not even write for days. Well, if I saw two or three more 1-star ratings in my novel, I won't even continue this novel in disappointment and will abandon it. Readers have feelings so do authors.) Thanks for Reading!

Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Beastkin Bloodlines Cautious Protagonist Conspiracies Eidetic Memory Elves Evil Gods Gods Hiding True Identity Kingdoms Magic Medieval Monsters Necromancer Nobles Orcs Second Chance Secret Identity Sword And Magic Time Manipulation Time Travel Transmigration Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 151
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 75: decisive battle

    It took me a while to realise what was wrong with this novel, as every part of it is well written. 

    However, because the author writes in so much detail about what all of the mc’s enemies are doing all the time, (even when he hasn’t even met them yet) there is absolutely no suspense at any point in this story, which makes it dull to read.

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    Status: c86

    I like second chance but not this

    1. MC old still naive, many times he just do childish things like jumping happiness seeing the throne and sat as fast as he could

    2. Hero wannabe thankless job and misery

    3. He know almost anything about weakness of viscount, but no matter how viscount sent assasins, killing him, pursuing him, trapped him, making him scapegoat, he just fine and smile. Why he gave the truth that viscount member of dead organization or what name sh*t, even many don't believe others also not stupid as long as rumor spread others will started learning and dig the information further. So it could give the viscount to not pursue him, MC did nothing no scheme and childish. Is he really second chance.

    4. MC just do gooder hero wannabe who save many by luck, like meeting the evil in throne room, save by spirit to open portal

    5. Logic don't work in this novel. It said even apprentice mage was superhigh status but viscount even employing necromancy and many of his pursuer that want to kill him their level high, if that magic user so high anybug and insect could employ them?

    6. World bending logic towqrd viscount, any viscount doing was classified as truth by people in that world, even make him scapecoat by trying killing baron seme normal strategy (tho baron ended up still alive)

    7. Again no level headedness on MC who should be old and wise

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    Status: c23

    Very good at first (it's hard to find a good slow paced story and this one started well) but starting chapter 15 the author changed his way to make the story and clearly (at least to me) it was a very bad choice. (And here I don't speak about how the author darkened his universe but about how he made the sub-plots evolved)

    For the past 8 chapters, I feelt nothing but frustration and disappointment (8 chapters might not seems like a lot but the chapter are very long)

    If not for the 15 first chapters I wouldn't have given 3 stars but only a poor 2 :- (

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 110: puzzle

    The story gains depth with time and stops being just a plot, and abium doesn't know everything.


      Like when the king dies and tells everyone who doesn't know the truth that he died of illness, and in fact the king had been murdered to distract a hidden force from royalty to steal something that the MC only "started" to know for what it serves much later.

    if in this case, abium was somehow controlled (or attracted in a mesmerizing way by the throne) he would feel abnormal but could not do anything and save for having activated the tower at that moment, would it be something else, more to just go there like that? It just ends up looking forced (plot). I also realized that as the story progresses, it seems that the author has stopped wandering so much and has found a more concrete course, because the story satisfactorily improves quality. So if you are going to read, I recommend arriving at least by chapter 70 and little is that when the world seems to take shape regardless of the MC's choices, the more its actions cause unpredictable consequences.

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