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Jeff and his friend David discover some real magic when cleaning out his grandmother's attic - and learn she had an adventure on a magical world when she was younger. Together, they decide to take the plunge and see if Jeff's grandmother's world is real - and go on a quest to find the portal that took her there and back, over 45 years ago. Now, these two friends will be exploring a new world - a world called Mercia.

ActionFantasyGender BenderLitRPGSlice of Life
Adventurers Alternate World Caring Protagonist Fantasy World Gate to Another World Male to Female Multiple Protagonists Transgender
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      Status: chapter 24 – king colin

      A new & unique installment in Kathryn's fantasy setting of MerciaBirthrights is another story in Kathryn's existing fantasy setting of Mercia (see Call of the Void series) with a lit rpg twist. Birthrights expands upon the worldbuilding for her Mercia and adds a whole new cast of characters going their on adventure. The sotry also features references and foreshadowing for Her Call of the Void Series setting.

      The story is already well underway with plenty of twists and adventure and there is plenty of foreshadowing for epic adventure to come.

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      Status: chapter 30 – getting to know your...

      This story is just heartwarming amazing! Best friends going on an adventure, finding ways to become more true to themselves - and to each other. A tale of magic and friendship, about valuing the important things in life, and about political intrigues.

      I'm sure that my little review here doesn't even come close to being worthy of such a captivating story. But I can only advise: Give it a try and read!

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      Status: chapter 27

      I took a peek at this story out of curiosity, and all I can say is that it was well worth my time for a fun read!!!

      The story may take a while to truly roll, however, I can promise to whoever is reading this review that it is a fun adventure in the making. This story could use more love and attention if you don't mind the genderbender part of the tags. I love the characters set for this story, and would love to see how the story will conclude. The author's writing skill is better than mine so all I can say is that it has been a great reading experience. The plot is intriguing and well worth the wait if you are willing to peek at the first chapter till chapter 10. I have never written a review on this site and this story was interesting enough to encourage me to write this review. I hope this can motivate our author Kathyrine to keep pumping out these amazing content. I don't know where the story will go, but my excitement and anticipation is already off the chart for what is to come. I hope this story will be a long one with an end that is worthy of what it has already build up since chapter one. 

      I think I am going to stop here and say my thanks for the author and have a good day or night to whoever is reading this review!!

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