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/ Series / Masamune, The Bloodied Blade
Masamune, The Bloodied Blade
Masamune, The Bloodied Blade
106.6k Views 4583 Favorites 68 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 690 Readers
4.6 (51 ratings)
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A rewrite is available here :

Thanks to everyone who has supported my original series! Love yall~!

Synopsis below:

Weapons, the backbone of any species' defensive and offensive capabilities.
Fresh out of the forges of a mysterious bladesmith, Masamune was sold to a curious Western noble, a coming-of-age gift for his son. Deemed as a mysterious 'Soulcraft' by the blue Scroll, it seemed that there was more to her past than the Scrolls would let on.
However, as fate would have it, Masamune never reached the Western lands, the entourage dying in The Devil's Valley, the only land passage between the East and West.
Gaining sentience after consuming the blood of the fallen, she now relies on her wielders for food and sustenance, slowly building up her own body to free herself from her limits.
With no goal but to devour and kill, and the mysterious Scrolls of the fallen Primals helping her along the way, what would be her final fate?z
(I do not own the cover, it's made with Wombo-Dream AI art! All credit to them!)

ActionFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsMature
Accelerated Growth Blood Manipulation Demi-Humans Evolution Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Half-human Protagonist Heroes Homunculus Human Weapon Level System Magic Magic Beasts Medieval Multiple POV Sentient Objects Special Abilities Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Sword Wielder
Table of Contents 68
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: witch of the first flame (2)

    A very good story about a intelligent sword and her wielders, the quality of the story was fantastic, the character development is great, and the world building is so good as well, a very good, descriptive, original, and very  qualitic story that I recommend for everyone to read

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    Status: nadivir, the crimson snow

    Dropped this novel,

     first of all lets not talk about the novel but how its being presented.

     And as I said I'm not talking about the story but reading it itself. The author seems to like using boxes for status and notification from the system which I find perfectly normal. But! the problem lies within the fact the author lacks proper understanding of Color theory. Okay I wont blame you for not knowing color theory as not everyone knows much about it, but even people who don't know about it would have better color pallet and combination than the author of this novel. As an art student I never knew such atrocious combination of colors could even exist. I'm literally having a migraine right now just because I read this novel.

    Moving on to the story, FIGHTING SCENES ARE AMAZING BUT....

    Later chapter or at least where I'm at, the point where I lost patience. There isn't any indication of the sword leveling up and including the fact that the leveling is so, for the lack of better words, inconsistent. one chapter the sword was level 90 and announced to gain 10 level but only to be shown as lvl 89 later chapter, And to make things worst after that chapter it never appears again (leveling system of the sword) at least until where I read and lost patience.

    You might say I should be more patient but, ill tell you this, the current wielder killed level 1000 monster yet no indication of the MC leveling up and previously before it she killed a level 500+ and would occasionally kill level 200+. It seems like the author wants to focus on the wielder in the current chapters I'm at, but I believe that he or she should balance it with the OG MC of this series (the sword) and the wielder. Currently all I see is the author slowly turning the current wielder I'm reading (charlotte) as the MC and giving little to no screen time to the sword. (reason why I lost patience) which find ironic since the real MC here is the sword like hello? first few chapters were amazing it hooked me on honestly, but sadly quality degraded.

    In conclusion, I believe the author should make a story where the MC is human as he or she is really good at it anyways. This may come out rude to the majority but it is what it is, I've already sugar coated my words its up to you how you take this review in.


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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: the second fragment (5)

    Story is comprised of how a sentient sword and its wielder (s) live their lives, albeit some wielders are longer-lived than others. 

    Sword become stronk, sword meet new enemies and wielders, sword become more stronk. 

    If you want decently overpowered but not super-overpowered MC, this story is for you. 

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