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/ Series / On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor
On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor
On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor
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4.4 (156 ratings)
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What would you do if one day you were told you were one of the chosen who would have to battle to save the world?

Akio was an average guy, having moved to the big city from his humble town in the mountains. Sure, his IT freelancing job wasn't making him big money, and he wasn't exactly a hit with the ladies, but life wasn't all that bad... until one day a mysterious angel-like being visited him to tell him the Earth was in danger. Many would be chosen to fight this fate, but would any succeed?

Of course, if one could have the usual cheat skills everything would work out, wouldn't it? So why was his skill like a garbage pay-to-win mobile game? Akio would have to not only hone his skills and build his Astral Empire, but he would need to raise money, secure land and become a player on Earth too! Facing this challenging task alone would surely be impossible, so Akio needs to make strong and beautiful allies to take on all those who would oppose him.

Who would that be, you ask? The old myths of Earth are returning, alien invaders are waiting outside on the Astral Tides, Cultivators are looking for their next faces to slap, Demons are whispering poison into the ears of anyone who would listen, and whoever was trying to save Earth by granting various people powers were making some really awful choices...

Join Akio as he starts at the bottom of the ladder, clawing his way to the top and discovering one can change their destiny, so long as they work hard (and have a boat-load of money!).

[This story is a modern world LitRPG where I try and balance the real world, the other world and various character-development scenarios. The pace can be described as 'measured', as there is a lot of 'slice-of-life' style events to balance 'number-go-up' and Territory capture]

What can you expect from this story? MC and side characters who are flawed and make mistakes, but ultimately grow and change, bettering themselves and the world around them. Yes, the MC does start off a bit weak and whiny, but he does get over it as the story progresses. It's a slow burn though.

Likewise Harem and romance. it is most definitely harem, though again it's a slow burn and not easy to reach. There are some r18 scenes with them, but these don't happen until a fair way into the story.

Real-world consequences of power. I'm trying to explore this slowly, so expect politics down the line.

Base-building in both the real and the other world, growing power, money, influence and more. it's a slow burn but a focus.

Cultivators, Faeries, Demons, Gods and more, though again, it takes a while for more and more of these to appear.

Update schedule - Minimum of 3 Chapters Per Week, between 3-5 Per Week is the aim. This is the schedule since it is now up-to-date with Royal Road.

ActionAdultFantasyHaremLitRPGMatureRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Apocalypse Army Building Arranged Marriage Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Brother Complex Businessmen Caring Protagonist Character Growth Charming Protagonist Couple Growth Cultivation Earth Invasion Fairies Fast Learner Gate to Another World Handsome Male Lead Interdimensional Travel Modern Day Multiple POV Politics Polygamy Poor to Rich Romantic Subplot Younger Sisters
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    Status: one hundred and ninety-six

    The author has done a lot of job, creating a wonderful multi-faceted work. The story unfolds in two worlds connected to each other and influencing each other. The material and astral world. And interesting events unfold in every plane of existence. But not only the development of the plot stands out this work, everyday life and the relationship of the characters perfectly fit into the story. And even to a certain extent they look preferable. There are a lot of characters in the novel, and surprisingly, all have well-written characters to a certain extent. People seem to be alive with their everyday problems, aspirations and desires.

    The main character is a half-breed, half Japanese, half British (Englishman?). But since he has lived a conscious part of his life in Japan, he considers himself Japanese and behaves like an “ordinary Japanese schoolboy”. However, circumstances force him to change, and he tries with a creak to change the already formed character and stop being a weak-willed pacifist. Even if not completely, but the main character is gradually changing for the better. The harem gathers slowly and looks very plausible, if I may say so.

    In general, for this site (and for comparison with the best stories of the royal road, webnovel) is quite a serious job, different from most in a favorable light. I recommend at least to get acquainted with this story.  "On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor" fully deserves your attention. And do not be afraid of a too pretentious name. I wish the author success and harmony in this difficult work.

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: two hundred and thirty-five

    I can honestly say this is one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read, including published works by best selling authors. The story takes place in the Material (our world) and the Astral (spiritual plane). The balance of action between both planes is exquisite, with it never lasting too long in one or the other. The plot advances in meaningful ways in both planes as well, the real world isn't just a place for rest and recuperation. 

    The magic system is well thought out, pulling in hints of cultivation, chakras, spiritual energies and special powers. The depth to the magic as it manifests in different people from different cultures (and different planes of existence) is really astounding and well thought out. 

    The harem elements are well done in my opinion. The first romantic relationship was literal years in the making, from even before the story begins, and subsequent members join the harem for good reasons. I will comment on the Arranged Marriage tag for this story, there are some Japanese noble girls that join the harem in an arranged marriage sort of way, but the MC and them do not just automatically fall in love, it still develops naturally despite the arrangement.

    Other than that there is too much to say about this story, between the main POV of the MC Akio, and the myriad of side chapters that feature the POV of many supporting characters that have plot relevance. I truly just implore you to give this a read. I started reading when there was roughly 250 chapters published, binged it in a few days, and now I refresh the page every day waiting for the next fix.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c166


    Typical jp MC at early chapters that's a pushover when it comes to girls, it seems like the word "No" doesn't exist for them. High in Intellect stat but it seems like that stat goes to 0 when dealing with girls. And there's a suspiciously high amount of high school girls. There are also some unnecessary side story like the one with the detective. Some characters are excessively obnoxious, like can't keep their mouth shut. The MC is also sloppy when keeping secrets, I thought there'll be more character growth, but no. Otherwise, ok world building. A bit disappointing.


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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: two hundred and forty-three

    Honestly one of the best novels on this platform regret not picking it up sooner the pace is very good and the charectors and storys feel very real there is good charectors development and realistic charectors interaction if your looking for a good novel that a fun and interesting read definitely recommend also the only thing the novel is bad at is that it appears a bit furry at start if your not okay with that and the main character is not very good with girls like I can see that his daughter will be a Karen if he raises her himself he gives a lot of free money to girls who have done nothing for that money and are not related to him in anyways altho his harem will should manage that in later points in the story also as a problem with most of not all stories not enough chapters need more

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: one hundred and ninety-four

    I have enjoyed this novel and personally think it is the 2nd best novel I have ever read on this site. &Nbsp;                                                                              I personally really enjoy the Kingdom building aspects of the story both in the physical world and spiritual world. Another thing I like about this novel is the author active in his community and responding to comments. While I have been frustrated many times throughout the story I guess that proves it’s a really good story. So I would recommend even if you get frustrated to continue and if you go to the comments the author may say your frustration is only temporary.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: two hundred and twenty-four

    I like this story a lot. So, I'll try my best to communicate the reasons for it. (This is my first ever review and English is my second language, so forgive my grammatical errors.)

    World & combat/magic system: This is what I value the most in a story. So, I'll start with this. The world feels rich and lived in. The people and environment of the world does not feel like set-pieces where a cutscene containing the main character happens and is then forgotten. The modern/mortal world feels complex with many players and their machinations. The astral world is mysterious and keeps the mystery going even as the story progresses. And the way the two worlds bleed into each other is handled well in my opinion. The combat and magic system isn't like "the person with the bigger hammer (stats) wins". So, even when the protagonist feels overpowered it's only because he innovates with science and experimentation to perfect his magic and combat. And no victory is without it's proper struggle. The excitement of the combat system takes a while to pick up due to this. Experimentation sometimes leads to failure and I appreciate the story taking time to delve into the failures.

    Characters & Romance: 
    The characters are flawed. So, sometimes they maybe frustrating to read but they learn from their mistakes and strive to better themselves (or sometimes not, but the consequences of that is also in the scope of the story). The character development of MC and his loved ones is slow but the slow build-up gives way to some insanely cathartic story bits. Finally, if you enjoy stories that are slow-paced development with detail-rich world and great characters that make you want to root for them; then do give this novel a try. I believe this is an underrated story that deserves more recognition. I wish the author best wishes for this story and his future projects.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c140


    1. MC is not crazy
    2. MC is not OP
    3. Good grammar
    4. Lots of Chapters
    5. Action is good
    6. Most characters are good
    7. Vegas card game was the best part


    1. Harem aspect gets annoying. Should have just stuck with either Eri or Shauela.
    2. (Yuck) High school girls like Eri where MC is older, author really really should have made them older.
    3. Hate every section with Kana.  Kana is a terrible character.
    4. LOTS of side chapters with some not adding anything to the story.
    5. Almost all male characters are terrible people
    6. MC is pretty naive and not the brightest
    7. MC has flexible morality at times.  Someone tries to kill him and just because he knew them before he spares them and gives them special treatment.  Did not have ANY trouble taking care of the others though.  

    So should you read it?  Hard to say.  The action is pretty good, but MAN the harem aspect is slowly completely taking over the story and some of the characters like Kana are really annoying.  Kana is like a creeping cancer and she has a huge amount of side stories and parts including her.  Almost ALL other girls the MC interacts with are of course almost all becoming enamored with him.  Except Shaeula they are YOUNG GIRLS there is no way around that very off putting fact.  

    I think the highlights of the story are when there are no other girls other than Shaeula.  Eri is ok as an character, but she is bland in comparison.  

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: three hundred and thirteen

    I love this story. I get so caught up in it, I have to step away and let it build up, because even though the author gives us many chapters a week, I just crave more. I have to let it pile up, so I can binge read a whole day (and have dreams that continue the story).

    Just give it a read and before you know it, you'll be hooked. 


    Shaeula best wifey!!!


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c197

    Author does an amazing job of the early pacing of the story. You never feel overwhelmed with information and the story is fully fleshed out to the point where it is just a pleasure to read not wondering when things will 'get good' because the wait is just as much fun as getting to the ride itself. Also, the Harem tag is definitely not the usual harem we all expect where he just gets one girl after the other while the previous take a backseat, no, this is a realistic take on how a harem could come about from a normal relationship, with all the tears, uncertainty, pain, acceptance  and everything in between. 100% worth reading!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c65

    Edit: With authors advice I kept on reading and the potential furry is gone mostly. It was still a bit uncomfortable for a while there but nothing happened. Interesting story and I'll keep reading.

    It was a pretty good read but there was no prior warning about the furries. "Faeries" isn't enough of a warning when they have snouts. No thank you.

    If that's your jam though then the story had good pacing, a good story, and the main character was relatable and interesting.

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