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This is work of fanfiction, I own nothing but my o.c's and profit nothing from this work. Anyone is free to do as they wish with my story as long as they dont try to claim ownership and credit the original creator Akira Toriyama, and do not try to make a profit off of it.

For the time being this is only posted on Scribblehub, and eventually should you find this anywhere else it is being reposted by another. I do not mind this as long as they are not impersonating me or attempting to make a profit as stated above.

An old man gets the chance at become much more after death. Follow his journey as he uses his knowledge of the future to make a brighter one.

just a Dbz isekai idea I had rattling around in my head for a while. First time writer and I wrote this on my phone, just to see the reception it would get. I didn't use any grammar programs, but if this gets any reception i will go back and do so. This is going to be 1st person as far as I have planned. And the love interest will be best Girl Bulma. This will start before Dragon ball, and will be rather slow paced. I have done my best to curb some of the continuity issues that Dragon Ball has. If you find any errors in my timeline, let me know in the comments.

ActionAdultAdventureComedyEcchiFanfictionIsekaiMartial ArtsRomance
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Z
Accelerated Growth Androids Appearance Different from Actual Age Based on an Anime Beautiful Couple Bickering Couple Calm Protagonist Cheats Clingy Lover Cultivation Cute Children Elemental Magic Goddesses Love Interest Falls in Love First Pregnancy Reincarnation
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