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A young man finds himself in the world of 'Black Clover' one day.
What did he do next? Did he make the heavens tremble? Did he make the story's every heroine his bitch?
No. No, he didn't.
Instead, he... did an oath...
"I promise, I will safeguard the original story of the anime I loved. I will protect it, I will watch over it, and I will treasure it. No matter at what cost, as this world's singularity, I will take responsibility for my own 'existing' here... I do solemnly swear."
Yes, that is what he exactly did.
Keeping the oath close to his heart, he wishes for the story to continue without hindrance.
Will this vow stand the test of time? Can he, a singularity, will be able to keep a check on himself throughout all of this? Will his tale have a happy ending?
Notes from the Author.
*MC is a goody two-shoe that will try his best to stick to his promise throughout the story.
*This is my first Fanfic.
*Updates will be irregular.
*There will be a bonus chapter for every 50 hearts I receive.
*This novel is 100% generated by love.
*The setting is before Julius Novachronos was Clover Kingdom's Wizard King.

black clover
Age Regression Alternate World Aristocracy Arrogant Characters Caring Protagonist Elemental Magic Fantasy World Harsh Training Hidden Abilities Inscriptions Magic Military Nobles Overpowered Protagonist Transported into Another World Unique Weapon User Unlucky Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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