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/ Series / Naruto: Never Die Twice
Naruto: Never Die Twice
Naruto: Never Die Twice
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[A Naruto Fanfiction]


A college student's life taken -- just like that...

In the blink of an eye, he was another person with a different identity. He woke up with a new name; a new face... and especially -- a new family. Most importantly, it was Naruto -- a world where children were brought up to be killers... a twisted ideology instilled in them from birth surrounded him.

Regrets slowly seeped in.... if only he never got caught cheating; if only he could go back to his previous life.

The feeling off losing everything shook him -- and a new seed sprouted in the core of his being...


A deep fear of this was instilled into his mind... his heart and soul.

"This is why I cannot die again!... No, I won't die again; I have to survive no matter what. I will live life to the end!"

The shinobi world only gave him one option:



Release Rate -- 1chp/day
Word count/chap - 1500 - 1800
Time: 5:00 PM GMT


** Disclaimer**

- All copyright content is owned by their respective owner(s).

- Book cover is owned by their respective owner(s)

ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsTragedy
Academy Based on an Anime Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Transmigration Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 18
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Table of Contents
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