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Magical Cosmic
Magical Cosmic
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Victor Petard Asterisk was just an explorer, like many others.
Roaming the unknown part of the galaxy and seeking the answer to Humanity's loneliness among the stars.
One day, he chanced upon an unnatural wormhole that brings him to another Universe.
A Universe, full of magic and wonders.
"Hah!! With my advanced technology, who could challenge me?"
"You there, savages! Still using bows and swords? Better go back to farming in the countryside!"
"And you! What's with that backward magic staff? Change with mine instead."
With determination and experience as an explorer, Victor will once more explore the world while discovering the deeper mystery of the Universe.
Follow Victor's journey, as he makes changes across the world and had his name rang throughout the Multiverse.
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Adventurers Age Progression Age Regression Artificial Intelligence Fantasy Creatures Handsome Male Lead Jack of All Trades Kingdom Building Magic Magic Beasts Magical Space Magical Technology Male Protagonist Outer Space
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