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/ Series / Living as I please, As a loli Demon King
Living as I please, As a loli Demon King
Living as I please, As a loli Demon King
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4.3 (776 ratings)
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One day, Ryusei Homura and all his classmates are transported to another world where they are asked to help in defeating the 12 Demon Kings. Ryusei was always looked at as an idiot, a weirdo and a pervert who always stares at girls’ breasts. He was always bullied and beaten up after school. Even after the summoning, he ends up being the weakest in his class. And eventually, in the midst of a battle: "We don't need to look after trash like you. You're just a burden, so die!"

Ryusei was killed by one of his classmates. As everything turns dark for him, the Demon God offers him a deal: "I can give you a second chance. I will make you a Demon King. I will give you power. You will be able to get revenge and live your life as you please!"

But there was one thing the Demon God didn't mention to Ryusei, and when he woke up: "WHAT!? Why the hell am I a loli!?"

Now Ryusei must live as the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis.

ActionComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremIsekaiMature
Crazy Protagonist Cute Protagonist Female Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Loli Male to Female Overpowered Protagonist Strong to Stronger
Table of Contents 124
Reviews 24
Table of Contents
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    Status: 39: nightmare

    Sigh normally I would like this kind of story but with the constant emphasis on brainwashing and mind control, I'm really getting fed up. The hero especially pisses me off for a variety of reasons. Onto the spoiler part,


    This author seems to love mind control or something because all of the following happens.

    The hero kills the MC and brainwashes his childhood friend into a s*x doll. I didn't get to the point where he succeeds but given the author's love for brainwashing he probably will.

    There is literally an entire country filled with mind-controlled citizens

    The elven princess who goes missing ends up being turned into a killing machine by the church who can only follow orders but is fully aware of what's going on and retains her sense of self while having no control of her body or her actions.

    Seriously author for a novel about a protagonist who values their freedom there are way too many characters who have absolutely none. 

     Constantly reading about the church in perspective shifts makes it even worse because I have to read about them getting away with this sh*t, Furthermore, everyone is so dumb they just go along with it despite the church and the "hero" being obviously suspicious.


    How the hell is this even popular and rated so high if I could give it a negative rating I would.

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    37 Likes · Like
    Status: 49: the demon god’s miracle

    Its a fun read... many emotions, silly and serious characters, action and naturally a genderbend loli demon king... what do you need more?

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c15

    isekai slave harem but MC is female (?)

    that sum up what's this story about. No different than any of phycho protags in that kind of isekai chinese/japanese novels.


    1. No other males allowed

    2. F**k till morning is compulsory

    3. Females are pokemon. Catch once and she's yours. (Not all are brainwashing magic but all are brainwashrd)

    4. MC constantly grumping about unfair world

    5. Cheat modern knowlege and cheat ancient magic


    difference are additions of western stuffs. Like fetishes.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: amazing

    Amazing this is truly the desire of every filthy weeb in za world!!

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 52: lorina’s sorrow and conquering...

    Its not one of the best novel I read but it isn't bad

    The begining is very similar to Arifureta but its rushed and with less characters and the 2 that are prezented are very flat, childhood friend loves MC because... and bully loves childhood friend becuse she popular so he picks on otaku perverted MC

    After the prologue it calms down a bit but it still fast paced we didn't spend 20 chapters to get the teritory runing, she got teritory, summoned servents to make life easy, did lewd things with her maid and then the plot progresed

    I can tell that not everybody will like or enjoy this novel and I understand that well becus, like I said not the beast read but it still is a good laugh sometime, with a spoon of yuri and some bonus action in the latests chapter

    All in all preatty good

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 5: a new home and holy...

    Pretty damn good story

    1. It started out with a few inspirations from arifureta, shield hero etc but by Ch 4 it turned into it's own damned good story.
    2. Other readers please stop judging this like it's written by a professional light novel author. It is not so don't ruin the experience for the rest of us who don't have a 1000 ft pole up their a$$. It's a real turn off from reading the story. Remember everyone starts small, even authors, so stop whining and bi***ing.
    3. Also I urge the author to stop people like these from ruining our reading experience as your readers by either blocking them or deleting their toxic comments.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 50: the new shiori

    Plot is good, characters are good, but it's a bit too fast-paced & lack of depth for it to be a classic, reads almost like a literotica story.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: 8: check mate!

    This feels like a parody, just without the parody tag. It takes typical isekai tropes to their extremes with no good underlying story to back it up. As someone who doesn't like most parodies, this one is no exception. 

    I was initially going to rant about the stupidity of making an idiot a sudden genius, or having the citizens of the world figuratively be astounded by flint locks when they have machine guns, but decided against it, because it would really make me look like a fool if this was supposed to be a parody.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: side story: detective milla part 1

    It's alright? Well, there are plenty of glaring problems but it's not outright awful.

    Primarily, it's about 3 Volumes big while others would have 6 Volumes at least. Some may prefer something concise but ultimately it is all about pacing.

    There are 10 primary love interests:


    Maid, Elf, Loli, Valkyrie, Cat, Childhood Friend, Empress, Dark Elf, Dragon, Goddess.

    and some more side characters being s*x'd. As one may be able to imagine, their character depth is non-existent and summarized with one trait each. This also applies to the protagonist who is nothing but possessive.

    As good as she treats them and how far she goes, it can only feel hollow if similarly there are as many villains.

    There is no time for characters, romance and world building, hence why so much simply seems contrived. The action, which becomes as such the main focus, is average while the frequent s*x scenes are very short and underwhelming.

    I'm not one to push for female agency, especially since all males are demonized, abused and exploited here but jeez, this is some next level whoring. They don't love the protagonist, they just quench whatever desire and are made s*xually dependent.


    1. Maid: Serve a Cutie

    2. Elf: Wants to Blacksmith

    3. Loli: Wants Family

    4. Valkyrie: Wants someone strong

    5. Cat: Wants to sleep

    6. Childhood Friend: ??? (She has so little anything to her that it is actually offensive)

    7+8. Empress and Dark Elf: Want to unite their people

    9. Dragon: Wants to be a mom.

    10. Goddess: Bored.


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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c97

    Finished this in one sitting and I'd say 10/10 must read again. Milla #1 

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    1 Likes · Like
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