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/ Series / Damn, I’m In My Own Novel
Damn, I’m In My Own Novel
Damn, I’m In My Own Novel
36.3k Views 144 Favorites 25 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 610 Readers
3.9 (47 ratings)
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He hated cliffhangers and bad endings so much so he made his own novel!

And while he was reading a transmigration novel, he got transmigrated himself!

Follow Leo's adventure living in his 'own' world!

As of 12/10/23, the entire story has been rewritten with major changes using the help of criticism!

Chapters every other day!

ActionAdventureFantasyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Handsome Male Lead
Table of Contents 25
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 20 – ice cream

    Overall, started somewhat good but began to decay in terms of dialogue way too fast. Everyone is limited to either one to four words and anything more complex than that is as rare as a real life unicorn.

    The premice is kinda overused but not in a copy/paste way, so long as the author takes a different direction or different actions compared to other novels/fanfics. It's unique in how it approached its characters but doesn't really try to expand the world and things happen way too fast without any meaningful interaction. The king ask him, a kid close to the slums who just began to sing openly to go sing for her daughter's birthday. Daughter takes interest, then she demands/ask him to sing for her during two months yet she actually wanted MC because his voice could calm people fighting/rioting? And there is no mention about this, like. MC is watching people fighting each other and the princes just goes up to him and says "sing" and he just does it, everyone stops fighting yet MC thinks there is nothing wrong with this?

    The rating right now says 4/5 stars when I wanted to give it a 3/5. Just an average story and a good attemp for a first timer. The characters are on point and worldbuilding and interactions need a lot of work... but better than chinese garbage or stories in which MC only thinks with his d*ck

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    Could perhaps be a good read but the dialogue is below amateur level. Having back to back 1-3 word dialogue is just a bad read over all, especially when most of it is like that.

    Now that does not mean it is impossible to make it work, however if you cannot give the necessary information, details or context of a situation through the dialogue then you must make up for it through other means. Such as doing Dialogue>Description>Dialogue.

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