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/ Series / Umbra Frontier Online – A Casual Playthrough of the Umbra Witch
Umbra Frontier Online – A Casual Playthrough of the Umbra Witch
Umbra Frontier Online – A Casual Playthrough of the Umbra Witch
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4.7 (174 ratings)
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When his sister had won an additional Dive Gear in a lottery, after already buying one in the mall along with a game, Yoruto decided to sell the one they'd won since he's not into all of that since junior high.
However, his sister wanted otherwise and begged him to keep it so that he could play a recently released VRMMORPG game, Umbra Frontier Online, with her.

Unable to refuse his little sister's plead, Yoruto gave in and went along with his sister's request; jumping into the world of Umbra Frontier Online, or UFO for short, as a beautiful dark elf woman named "Yoru".

Why did he choose to make a female character, you may ask? Well, he didn't. He just pressed the Random button at the character creation screen and rolled with whatever he got out of it.
I wanted to write a chocolate MC again, so here's a new story!

- Updates: Two times per week on any day I wish.
- Chapter length: Somewhere between 1.5k to 2k, I guess. Sometimes may exceed that or be below that number though.
- Cringe? Maybe.
- Chocolate? At the end of each chapter.

Cover art credits to vert_320 on pixiv. With some editting by me.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGRomanceSlice of Life
Artificial Intelligence Charming Protagonist Cooking Easy Going Life Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Gamers Honest Protagonist Lack of Common Sense Level System Male Protagonist Male to Female MMORPG Modern Day Monsters Quirky Characters R-15 Rivalry Sword And Magic Virtual Reality Weak to Strong Witches Younger Sisters
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 28: real life stuffs for...

    The writing is good, the characters are varied and fun (even though I hate that the little sister ends everything she says in "bro" when she's talking to her brother) and the writing on the combat scenes is top tier.

    I really like that the MC was like "oh well that happened" when he got female character from randomized appearance and even laughed about it with the first character he met in-game.

    For those looking for transgender vrmmorpg story, this story is not it (at least from what I've read until now). This is just a slice of life about a guy playing female character in VR with his soon to be fiance (she isn't playing, but I assume will join later, or just hasn't been mentioned) + his little sister and her friend.

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    Status: chapter 43: let the match begin!

    Around a 4, (Made at Chapter 43)

    This story is a lot of fun.

    Plot is basically non-existent, but that's fine. Umbra Frontier Online is just one of those types of stories where it is just characters doing stuff. In this case the MC and their friends and family just playing a game and having a good time. 

    The characters are fun, its over the top in the correct places, and the humour is good enough. For an overall enjoyable story, its also pretty short (at the time of writing this review), so it shouldn't take too long to read through it all.

    So synopsis, this, or one of the other reviews make the story seem intresting enough, give it a try. 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Edit: Maybe the author went back and fixed up the errors or something, cause it seems like the early chapters I was complaining about are better now? Dunno. Haven't really re-read up to chapter 28 to confirm, but the initial ones are 'fixed, ' to my consideration at least.

    No clue what retiisi was reading, but there's a lot (and I mean A LOT) of grammatical errors littered throughout the entire story, no matter what chapter you're on. Misspelled words, incorrect tenses, extra words that don't fit the expressions used, pluralized words that should be singular and vice versa... It's one thing to "not be perfect, " but this is just kind of absurd. Just a once over with Google Docs' spell check would catch most of the errors with only a few false flags.
    Maybe the author's ESL or something and I'm just being a jerk, in which case I can only apologize, but... it's a lot to have to overlook. I'm not going to rate it, but I'd definitely knock off a fair amount just from how much the grammar forces you to almost rewrite the story as you read through it instead of helping you move through it.

    The story is pretty laid back. A mostly casual romp through a VRMMO with a fairly intricate backstory where the main character inadvertently finds a lot of exploits by playing in a way most people wouldn't.

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    Status: chapter 62: it is how it...

    Great story and OK characters so please don't forget to put more chapters in the future ! Also the vr game how big is the map is in the game and can you tell us the measurements of the MC female avatar character is.

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