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/ Series / The Survival of an Inferior
The Survival of an Inferior
The Survival of an Inferior
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4.6 (218 ratings)
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Samuel stares at the bloody battlefield beyond him.
A second ago, he was in his room and the next, he is in this foreign world.
After years of hard work, Samuel finally defeated the last boss of the RPG game "Elvis Arcane", a game notorious for its hellish difficulty.

A job offer mysteriously pops up at the same time and Samuel, tempted by the wages, accepted it.

However, the next moment he wakes up in the game "Elvis Arcane" as an inferior subordinate of the main protagonist.

"Haha...I'm screwed." Samuel mumbles.

Can Samuel survive in this cruel world where the odds are against humanity?
Disclaimer: My story has hidden meanings behind my writing, which may seem like obvious plot holes, but is deliberately there for realism/story. One main example is the mc's behaviour.

This novel is also available on wattpad, webnovel, and royal road.

I update whenever I feel like it.

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Adventurers Clever Protagonist Corruption Demons Dungeons Elemental Magic Elves Evil Gods Fairies Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Firearms Game Elements Magic MMORPG Reincarnated into a Game World RPG Survival Game Sword And Magic Transmigration Transported into a Game World Transported into Another World Weak Protagonist Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: undefined

    I will try to be as impartial as possible. I feel that the story is just beginning, in short, we don't know anything about the MC and the other characters, although it is true that the story is somewhat clich茅, it is not bad, it is true that it has some defects, such as because nobody thought of using a weapon before being that they are so powerful and easy to use and how they act and treat the MC. But even so the story has a future and I feel that it does not deserve as little qualification as in the previous review and maybe I am not being so strict when criticizing it but I feel that I also let you get carried away simply by the fact that you do not like me and instead to give solid arguments that help to improve the story in some sense and instead you attack the author instead of just qualifying the story your argument loses some weight, I am not finding it easy to express yourself but you have to think that the authors are also people and they suffer when their stories are poorly received. Personally, I'm liking the story, of course I'm not a great connoisseur馃ぃ, but I hope and wish you the best encouragement to finish the story author

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    53 Likes 路 Like
    Status: 38. invasion(3)

    I just found this novel by chance and oh boi it a hidden gem. Just like many people, I have read a lot of trash novel about reincarnated as mob/trash/extra but rarely I found a good one. 

    People said that this is not realistic like what? Is transferred into a game is realistic? Having a game mechanics for MC is realistic? Asking why he can master the gun in 2 day bro, he literally have a game skill to buff people how is that make sense to you?

    why people not kill MC after what he had done. It easily because of his family and bro, this is a game world made by people. Do you think they make this game as realistic as possible? (Story of course.)

    stfu.  Keep up the good work author

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    36 Likes 路 Like
    Status: 30. approaching death

    So this story is a click bait. You read it thinking, oh so he completed this game so he will use his future knowledge to get ahead in this new world (nope that wold mean the story has a direction which it is following, a path already laid out) ! But no, all that is instantly thrown away by saying, the game has infinite possibilities so the MC completing the game is mostly worthless. Then is the mention of the MC being average and all that, but he masters guns in a few days, (in real life it took me two month to consistently hit a target 20 meters away with a bb, while hes using a musket to destroy whole armies) turning into another story where the MC teaches the ignorant fantasy folk the power of guns!!! Then there is the problem of guns, they have infinite potential power (only determinant by the mana stone used), without any recoil, instant reload and no overheating!!! Yet humans are still somehow struggling?!? Why not just arm everybody with guns and be done with it!

    But that is not all, everybody goes out of there way to hate, scream and insult the MC, who mind you all was before a bad guy that killed and destroyed thousands of lives?! Yet nobody has the balls to kill him?!? Only insult making him an enemy?!? Making an enemy of a deranged lunatic seems like a wise move, said everybody in this story. The entire world revolves around hating the mc! Lets go into a deadly fight against all odds, closely etching out a victory and when its all done lets put all the injuries on the MC, forgetting that he saved our lives. (There are some other reviews stating that he does not get killed because of his family and how the family wold kill you if you killed him, so now I as the reader if you ware somebody who lost his whole family, your parents, siblings and children, wold you still want to live? Wold you still be afraid to give your life to take the one of mc? No, if you are human you wold risk it all to kill him!)

    The level and stats mentioned in the story are completely useless without any explanation given to them (the xp required for level up is inconsistent without a given pattern, the stats do not say how they effect an increase in anything).

    You can't read this story while thinking about this story as the second you give any deep thought to it you see a ton of flaws.

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    31 Likes 路 Like
    Status: (vol2)82. one shot

    Each chapter is short but exciting enough to keep me hooked, the pace is fast in volume one but slows down in volume two. 

    Of course, this novel has some flaws, but I am not someone with extremely high standards and I do think investing time into this story is worth it. The protagonist despite his mental disability is depicted to be rather smart and very knowledgeable in many aspects. It is definitely fun to see him go from the worst to the best.

    All in all, not a "masterpiece" but a very good story to check out.

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    28 Likes 路 Like
    Status: (Vol2)48. Earlier than Expected


    The MC has two personalities: the kind and normal side; the cunning and selfish side

    the cunning side views the normal side as a little brother. Thus, does things that benefit the normal side but uses sinister schemes and whatever it takes to survive. The normal side however also resorts to a scheme but is more humane and moral. Overall, both sides have the same objective and it's interesting to see an MC with double personalities. The plot is good enough and enjoyable. The worldbuilding makes sense.

    Anything I like the most is the constant sense of inferiority like the title. The MC is incredibly weak and the demons are very strong. I don't know how the MC can win. That's why the MC always surprises me when he manage to outsmart the demons. A very good read!


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    24 Likes 路 Like
    Status: 41. the first flame(2)

    This story is terrific! The protagonist has a unique personality and


    a mental disorder, he has double personalities

    and it adds depth. The worldbuilding is hardcore and the plot is exciting enough to keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Characters are vivid and relatable. There is no information dump as information is explained and released as the story goes. Overall, a great book and a time killer. I need more chapters.

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    23 Likes 路 Like
    Status: the latest


    -Interesting characters
    -no fillers
    -good plot
    -straightforward writing style
    -Decent grammar
    -[personal taste] parts of the story are perplexing that require a little inference and thinking. As the story progresses, more answers to questions are released one by one
    -No info dump

    -Very fast pace
    -MC is not overpowered, he wins by scheming.
    -enemies are very overpowered.
    -weird minor parts of the story are here and there.

    it is a great read; A hidden gem one would call it. Everytime, I am always looking forward to more. I need more chapters please.

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    21 Likes 路 Like
    Status: (vol2)64. pest extermination(3)

    An entertaining read for people that likes extensive worldbuilding and different characters intertwining. Currently, the plot seems to have deviated from how most novels like this will go and I look forward to seeing how this story will go.

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    16 Likes 路 Like
    Status: chapter 58

    I enjoyed reading this and am interested to see how the story progresses 5/5

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    14 Likes 路 Like
    Status: c34

    Mediocre at best, this is just another run of the mill reincarnation story where he gets reborn into a body of a young master and everyone hates him and they think he's useless only for him to suprise everyone on how he transformed.

    The grammar mistakes are in almost every chapter, the the writing lacks description and the tempo is very quick so it makes it hard to understand what's going on and makes this annoying and tedious to read

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    8 Likes 路 Like
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