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/ Series / That Time an American was Reincarnated into Another World
That Time an American was Reincarnated into Another World
That Time an American was Reincarnated into Another World
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4.7 (176 ratings)
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It’s not always the Asians who get isekaied. Very rarely does an American get chosen, though the isekai lords have reasons for that.
It’s time for John to remind them of those reasons.

Releases on Tuesday and Thursday, usually around 7am PST

Charming Protagonist Comedic Undertone Early Romance Elemental Magic Fantasy World Fast Learner Firearms Gunfighters Knights Magic Magic Formations Nobles Reincarnated into Another World Religions Saving the World Strong to Stronger Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Wealthy Characters Wizards World Invasion
Table of Contents 145
Reviews 12
Table of Contents
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    New Azrael4355
    Status: chapter 141

    Very well written IMHO, solid story and character development though if I'm being honest the start was a bit weak for me. I almost didn't make it pass chapter 5 but I'm happy I stuck with it. I hope the author keeps going or sells this book in Google play, Amazon and Apple. I for one will happily shell out money to buy this book in Google play.

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    Status: chapter 38: squad

    Comedic Undertone about an American being Isekai'd? Yea, talk about a misleading tag and title there. My expectations were a 600 lbs, gun loving, pick'em'up truck coal laying, overpowered, patriot, going around and spreading FREEDOM to all in an over the top comical way. The reality is this is a well paced, pretty grounded story with believable characters, believable world building, likeable main character, and likeable side characters.

    My only complaint is the first 2 chapters are bad. Chapter 1 starts out almost exactly as you'd expect from the title and tag, and Chapter 2 carries through with light hearted world building, that leads you to expect something similar to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.


    I'd recommend explaining Optimus Prime as some crazy AI experiment, and then change the way of travel to the way shown later in the story.


    Overall I highly recommend reading it.

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    13 Likes · Like

    Story is good to read that is If you don't think about some logic..

    first and second chapter was absolute logicless unless author gives some explanation...   but the main stupid thing about this novel is the number of enemies that MC kills.

     This novel takes cannon fodder in the next level of average xinxia novels....   MC basically kills dozens of humans in his Daily missions in capital city (mission of delivary)    MC had thousands of fights and MC won all  kills thousands of thousands...  now MC also have some friends and they do the same.....

    but the point is why is evil people population doesn't become nagative after this much killing.  no whole world population should be negative after reading this story...   MC on random delivary and dozens of people come to MC and die his hand every fking day...  I mean even animals are not that stupid and where the fck are these people coming from...  why can't they reseach about enemy before coming.....   

    so yeah this story is basically killing and killing and killing   and all enemies are absolute cannon foodder with no challange to MC..  author should say that evil people are produced in factories...  I mean how stupid...

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 42: bounties

    I was contemplating giving it 2, instead of 3 stars.

    Up until chapter 40 (ignoring chapter 1 and 2 per other reviews). This story comes off as a classical Hollywood action adaptation of Japanese isekai (stupid fun). There is a minimal need of suspending disbelief for side characters to come off as believable. I would have given it somewhere between 3 and 4 stars...

    MC off's enough people, to equal the population of a small to medium town. MC should have a title upgrade, as he must have graduated from being a "killer" to a "statistic". Number of people slain should be more than 1% of people living in the capital. Also typical for a classical Hollywood action movie.

    MC gets away with a lot due to usual "hero worship" ala Hollywood (and a lot of other stories). He is that special snowflake that just happen to fit the pattern of this problem. And "I can see a younger me in you... let me help". Also known as Sycophants.

    World building is fine. As long as you don't try to look deep enough at what resources would be necessary to keep everything running. The fantasy part is a mix of magic and cultivation, which is an interesting take, if done before. But now with a dash of "America" mixed in. Which is the premise of the entire story, so that is all good and fun.

    After chapter 40...

    My gripe with this story is when the MC changes, almost mid chapter. From thinking one way, to sprinting the other. 20 chapters (or more) of character development in one direction. Repeatedly cementing one lesson, and reinforcing it over and over. With ever more evidence to support the conclusion. Is from one moment to the next forgotten and cast away, in the name of drama and plot. No reason given. No leap of logic. Just swap of conclusion from a no to a yes.


    This is teenage Hollywood horror movie level logic, being implemented all of a sudden. They are civilian school kids, visiting a military base on the frontline of a war (Something MC himself remarks). They are not even trained grunt soldiers. They don't even have the basics. 

    You do not start sneaking off to even the darker parts of the base to find some "alone time". Let alone sneak off base and into the wilderness in the middle of a monster bug war. Just to get laid. Especially when you have not only first hand account of how bad having a relationship, while on the frontline can go. But experience of multiple near death encounters where the briefest moment of distraction would have meant death (Again a conclusion MC came to earlier himself). 

    Why the hell would he start a relationship on pretty much the first day? And not just someone random. But someone he is likely to be paired with repeatedly while in combat?

    You would think he is actively trying to experience the same trauma his "girl back home" has. Just so they can "relate" better to each other (A stray thought MC actually has when he first hears about it).

    Oh, you lost your hand from an accident with a blender? Here, let me find a blender I can stick my hand into, and we can be a couple.


    #Protagonist is secretly insane

    At this point anything can happen. Nothing is sacred. Maybe they get a nuclear winter. But that's ok, cause the American was in fact a Russian spy. And Russians can handle the cold. 

    Any investment in the story is gone. Cause any character you relate to can have their traits shift on a whim for plot.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 35: sawn

    I fell in love with his book after the first 2 chapters and it has been a joy to read each of them and I hope to see the series con

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    5 Likes · Like

    The most believable isekai i've ever read.

    I honestly love the way how he gets his "identity" verified because it's literally the most plausible way.

    Although I am a canadian, I can see the appeal of guns, and would love to read more of this delightful story!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c46

    I will rate it :

    Grammar: 9/10

    Character: 10/10

    Plot: 8/10

    Action: 10/10 (Ofc I have a gun bias)

    Overall it is a very solid story. Better than most other novels in this site. Defenetly worth the time.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 28: target

    One of the few novels that make the genre of reincarnation/transmigration interesting. The story doesn't stand still, it is filled with events and interesting battles. The MC doesn't stay in one place for a long time, at least from the reader's perspective, so there's always more world building to do.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 103: something

    Legitimately one of my favorite books. 

    It's got some laughs, a good romance and the story feels believable. The MC doesn't have everything go right for him. He faces realistic set backs but has a power unique to him and is able to take advantage of it for the most part

    Can't wait to see where the author goes from here

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 53: future

    This story is very unique and interesting. The author tries something relatively new. Also he knows how to write.

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