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/ Series / The Yandere Ring [Yandere Harem]
The Yandere Ring [Yandere Harem]
The Yandere Ring [Yandere Harem]
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4.2 (21 ratings)
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What would you do if four of the hottest girls in your life fell crazily in love with you, to the point of fighting to the death over you?
Between your tomboy childhood friend, busty high school teacher, sexy ice queen beauty and your own older sister... who will prevail in the end?

It's hard to foresee, especially if there's magic involved, a very special ring, and a very sexy and mischievous Devil pulling the strings...

Find out in this steamy novel, but beware: the story is super sexy and spicy, (no blaming me if this becomes your new fetish) and it might just grip you and never let you go... a bit like a Yandere girl!

AdultDramaEcchiHaremMatureRomanceSchool LifeSmutSupernatural
Absent Parents Anti-social Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Childhood Friends Clingy Lover Conditional Power Handjob Incest Jealousy Kidnappings Magic Obsessive Love Overprotective Siblings Persistent Love Interests Possessive Characters R-18 Reverse Rape Student-Teacher Relationship Teachers Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 28 – 🔞 sexy teachers get lonely, too!

    One of the few stories out there with good yandere, femdom, and reverse rape. I like how MC gets used as a toy or treated roughly by these women. 

    But there is a problem. This is a yandere harem story which is very hard to pull off (they get repetitive after a while since nothing ever changes and characters don't die off). The story revolves around 4 girls that like the MC, and it doesn't look like author is willing to kill them off, so it will probably get repetitive in the future.

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