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/ Series / I Had Sex With a Werewolf and Now I’m Her Pet
I Had Sex With a Werewolf and Now I’m Her Pet
I Had Sex With a Werewolf and Now I’m Her Pet
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4.8 (53 ratings)
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What was supposed to be a normal trip out to spend time in the countryside away from the usual daily routine that myself and my coworkers had turns into an unexpected encounter with a supernatural creature that would change me and my life forever. Now I have to balance work and this new supernatural life that was thrust upon me, as well as a whole host of danger that I never could have imagined I would have to deal with. At least there is a werewolf that has my back. She can be a bit grumpy, but I don't think I would make it without her.

*This story contains various themes related to being gay, trans, queer, and otherwise contains LGBTQ+ topics as well as graphic sexual content. Please be respectful in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy!*

(Publishes one chapter a week on Friday afternoons eastern standard time)

AdultDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMysteryRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Average-looking Protagonist Beastkin Caring Protagonist Character Growth Clingy Lover Co-Workers Couple Growth Demi-Humans Devoted Love Interests Domestic Affairs Early Romance Evil Organizations Fantasy Creatures Fated Lovers Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Forced Living Arrangements Guardian Relationship Magic Perverted Protagonist Transformation Ability Transgender Werebeasts
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    Status: chapter 20 -we have company

    Hello, this is my first review, but I enjoy the series too much not to give the author some support.  

    This series does a stupendous job of capturing our MC's thought process and her attempts to interpret those around her. It adds a level of depth and begins the emotional investment train towards other characters including our MC love interest. I believe as series the goes on this will be one of the strongest attributes it will hold, especially if the tags are anything to hint at.

    Furthermore, the dialogue between characters feels genuine and does well to capture the atmosphere in relation to the situation that is occurring and the current thinking of the respective talking character. You can feel different cast members' feelings and sentiments towards our MC and those around them as this is a living breathing world. 

    Also, our MC is absolutely adorable when she is put into a situation with her love interest, but don't mistake my words our MC is serious when she needs to be or is in an environment that requires it.

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    Status: chapter 24 – irony is sweet, but...

    I really enjoyed the binge. The main character and love interest are both interesting. I m also looking forward to how other characters will be expanded upon.

    The worldbuilding is taken in slow bites and everything so far felt interesting (no infodumps)

    On the grammatical side, I have noticed exactly 0 errors which is a rarity on this website. (I m non-native so take this with a grain of salt)

    I m looking forward to future chapters.

    P. S. The story could use a picture to attract more readers. Maybe look into A.I. / Free alternatives / cheap commission

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 23 – the other side of...

    The premise of the story is unique, which I like a lot. The take on were creatures is also interesting. I look forward to how relationship between the two develops. 

    Also, I like the R-18 chapters.

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