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Superior Era
Superior Era
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How would you react if you found yourself unable to sleep? Not just for one day, or two days, or even three days, but a more permanent time span, like the rest of your life?

That’s exactly the predicament Dario finds himself in and he’s thoroughly vexed by it. After all, what sort of sane person would want to miss out on sleep? A madman, that's who. It’s especially worrying considering how he lives in a world filled with fantastical monsters, deadly beasts, and 'Superiors' supposedly protecting the interests of humanity. Sleep is quite the necessity under those circumstances.

Life is tough for an ostracized kid, but Dario quickly realizes that his wakeful nights are more blessing than curse, as there seems to be quite a few advantages in not having to sleep...

Join Dario as he climbs the ranks of superhumans, uncovers hidden truths, travels the world, and discovers abilities he never before thought possible.

This is a tale of superpowered/superhero-like individuals set in a dangerous fantasy world with hints of GameLit elements.

Features MC with abilities deemed unique to the world and can disregard the need for sleep at no cost to himself.

No Harems.

Current Release Schedule: 3-5 chapters per week.

First few chapters are fairly short, but the rest will average around 2.5k words.

This story is also available at

Adventurers Confident Protagonist Determined Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fast Learner Game Elements Handsome Male Lead Heroes Level System Magical Technology Monsters Secret Organizations Special Abilities
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