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Codename: Eldritch
Codename: Eldritch
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Valerie Sherman had everything.

Talent, Looks, and Intelligence. As she was the heir to Arcana Future Industries, one of the most influential companies in the magical sector of 2078; she was set up to shine as the infallible protégé of a new era. An era of magical might that would challenge the high heavens themselves and bring ruin to all that strived to be called gods. She should have been the beacon of progress.

But what no one knew on the inside Valerie was already long broken. The medication for a mental illness that had ravaged her mind since childhood would soon rob her of her Magical Talents completely and leave her as a mere normal human. Her parents had abandoned her and most of her so-called friends were only after the fame and money.

Convinced that the entire world was working against her and everyone was trying to rob her of whatever was left, she sought out darker powers. Something that would rid her of her failing mind, something that would finally provide her with the power that she needed to escape the clutches of society. Little did she know that gifts from the beyond rarely come without strings attached.

Maybe her first clue should have been all the teeth and tentacles?

This Fiction contains: BDSM - Tentacles - Slaveplay - Same-sex intercourse - Bodyhorror - A lot of bad people doing very bad things -
Other ingredients: May contain trace amounts of Tuna . . .

AdultFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHorrorMaturePsychologicalSci-fiSupernatural
Absent Parents Abusive Characters Academy Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Brainwashing Cannibalism Crazy Protagonist Female Protagonist Futanari Human Experimentation Mind Break Mind Control Monster Girls Non-human Protagonist Rape
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      Status: part 8 – adrienne (2/…)
      Jun 2, 2020

      So all I have to say is, that I simply love  this story. The story is very well written and it's written in a way that leaves you wanting for more. All characters are unique, or rather, special snowflakes that all have their own quirks and kinks. The story also isnt too slow or fast paced its balamced just right. So if you love unique character and an original story then I can only recommend this author  (yes every story published so far fulfillfs exactly what I just wrote).

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