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/ Series / The Wrong Person Was Transported to the Horrific Lost Village
The Wrong Person Was Transported to the Horrific Lost Village
The Wrong Person Was Transported to the Horrific Lost Village
99.5k Views 3656 Favorites 41 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1280 Readers
4.6 (71 ratings)
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What happens when a formerly overpowered isekai protagonist gets transported to a creepy village that traps all the inhabitants within it?

Well, formerly overpowered protagonist, Mari, is about to find out.

The Isekai Protagonist Versus Horror Setting Begins Here!

At the moment, this series will be updating on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

AdventureDramaGirls LoveHorrorIsekaiLitRPGMysteryPsychologicalSupernatural
Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Female Protagonist Ghosts Girl's Love Subplot Godly Powers Magic Monsters Mystery Solving Revenge
Table of Contents 41
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Table of Contents
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    One who said there’s an obsession with lesbians is partly correct, but it’s more like there was a big spike in it for two chapters before it leveled off to reasonable levels. One chara in particular I though was just one dimensionally gay-crazy, but she actually had a reveal a few chaps later that had it make a lot of sense for her character. 

    Other than that, very unique and looking forward to seeing the mystery ends. The MC fits in surprisingly well to the setting (via her powerset and personality mostly) while still coming off as an outsider. Characters were introduced a bit too fast for me to care about all of them, but reading their pov is at least bearable most of the time; genuinely interesting at best, and skimmable at worst. 

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    Status: chapter 30: cake and tea

    Something compelled me to read this so early for some reason. So far it's pretty entertaining with a good amount of action. Almost all of the characters, so far, are strange which seems to be intentional. As for their believability, I'd say it holds for now.

    The only issue I've found, so far, is that it has an obsession with lesbians, or at least, that's the impression I got from mot of the female characters.

    There is one massive issue though, and it's that, after converting to a more reasonable length, there's only an average of 1.5 chapters per week. So, I guess I'll have to put this one on hold for the next 2 years.

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    Status: chapter 20-territory

    Well, I’m not sure what I expected going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a rather interesting piece of writing that almost reads like a RPGMaker horror game. It’s not that bad, especially when you take the MC, who isn’t from the genre/world and slot them in. Their powers offer a unique look into the world around them as long as they can keep the resource that it uses. They aren’t truly overpowered either. They’re (currently) still bound by most of the rules of the world. So if you’re hoping for an OP protagonist to piss on a horror setting - you won’t find it. Looking forward to where this develops.

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    Status: chapter 01- transported to a...

    Traveller! It seems the story have started off with a unique start I will say so indeed. Nevertheless read on ! Something may catch your interest!

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