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Netori System
Netori System
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2.8 (189 ratings)
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      Status: taboo pt.2: r-18
      Nov 2, 2019

      A LOT of inconsistencies, and not a lot of infomation as well for the "wait for plot to reveal" reason to work. I would usually wait for the plot to roll before judging, as well as ignore some plot holes, but there are just too many and too obvious that it is jarring.

      Conclusion: Read for smut and not plot.

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      Status: taboo pt.2: r-18
      Nov 2, 2019

      The actual rating for this is 1 star I am just voting because author said he was going to write more.. which I hope he cover all his mistakes soon...

      And as to why I rated it just 1 star.

      There's too much information in between the plot omitted like literally..... The author literally said this but instead it when that way... Which making the scene 'pov' confusing.... One time author hinted there was something happened in MC past... Then suddenly the introduced girl went missing and another girl betrayed him claimed he rape her the next day in school. I mean author could've also included the girl that known MC in the past also in the betrayed plot as another character making the scene more believable or more sensation like she was shocked or something.

      Another part with the sister pov author clearly stated that the incident (MC accused of rape) in front of the whole school... She did because it happened on someone's order. She's also suddenly got kissed on the cheek.... too at that time. 

      While on MC part he thought he was betrayed by his sister...

      Now latest chapter the author suddenly make the said sister became someone's girlfriend...... Which was literally doesn't make senses....

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      Status: Awaken pt. 5
      Dec 2, 2019

      Honestly, it's pretty meh. Original concept is fine, but execution falls short. Punctuation errors (especially commas missing), shallow dialogue, lack of logic, and the initial power up is way too much. Instant god. If you can get over that, the s*x and domination is passable.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: patreon deal
      Nov 7, 2019

      Interresting idea and concept

      Decent smut for those that can enjoy netori

      Passable grammar

      Terrible writting, really inconsistencies are abound, author is a fan of statment, contradiction, retcon (example: MC wipe memory of little sister, at the moment he think will only wipe recent memory, half a chapter later she doesn't remember the event at school, but when he question her about that event she explain everything)

      Chatacter appear in rooms out of nowhere (MC enters room, describe sister and mom, girlfriend enters, describes her, conversation ensues, father and gf friend join the conversation as if they were there the whole time, why weren't they introduced when MC enters room (father) and when gf enters?

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: inception finale
      Sep 18, 2020

      Overall, obviously this is a smut novel. For the bits it actually lives up to that, it does okay. The rest that is here is an incoherent mess that feels like it is trying to be a teaser for the rest of the novel elsewhere, but fails miserably. If what's here were more coherent, and had like a "if you want the rest go to X" it might get a higher rating from me, which actually the point in the story I have marked for the chapter for this review would be an okay spot to do so at, except that the story feels like half of it isn't there and doesn't give me any good vibes that a more complete story actually exists

      [Edit] Just noticed there is a post saying it had become an exclusive elsewhere, so upped this review from 1 star to 2 stars. What's here is still a mess, but at least it has a link to potentially a more coherent version somewhere else. 

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      Status: taboo pt.2: R-18
      Nov 2, 2019

      More chapters please! More chapters! One of the best ero novels I have read. 

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