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/ Series / Lord of cauldrons
Lord of cauldrons
Lord of cauldrons
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4.1 (28 ratings)
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This is a cultivation world that is focused on smut. Want to increase cultivation ranks? fuck a master or suckle on some tits. Best way to learn a new technique? Give a blowjob or suckle on some tits. Sure the normal ways do exist but those are reversed for the 'Heaven's-chosen'. For the rest? They become willing sex toys to these types of individuals in exchange for upgrades at the cost of no longer being able to follow the master's path. These people are the normal cultivators, the disciples of every sect, and the backbone of the cultivation society. The story is one of a reclusive master trying to navigate being 'hot stuff'.

ActionAdultHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSmut
Anti-social Protagonist Cultivation Fantasy World R-18 Sexual Cultivation Technique
Table of Contents 84
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Table of Contents
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