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Undying Empire
Undying Empire
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"What would you do if you suddenly died, and yet... you didn't?"

Elinor is just a sixteen-year-old goth going through some abnormal teenage drama; forced onto a humanitarian aid mission to Venezuela by her parents and grounded, much to her displeasure, this rebellious teenage girl is understandably pissed. The jungle sucks, the bus has no air conditioning, and great, if that's not enough, she's kidnapped! How much worse could it get?

How much worse? Well, how about dying? That's worse. Is she even herself anymore? Irrelevant at the moment. Getting introduced to a not-so-informative System of Undeath? Better. A mysterious golden twin? Okay, maybe we could do without the extra fat. Name her Butter? Seems to fit. Now, alien toad people are attacking and kidnapping her parents. Yeah, things could be better.

Elinor must learn about this new system of undeath, level up, and take back control of her life. Hopefully, she won't get stuck in the alien's world and have to build up an empire to survive. Surely that won't happen... Surely not! Oh, please, don't trap her in an alien world! System Message:

How is UE connected to TO or ATM?

ATM is part of a whole different multiverse (it can still have crossovers but much harder in-verse). Although starting at the same place, UE is set farther from the center of the Maelstrom (a collection of multiverses) of The Oscillation series, so gods can be more powerful here than in TO. UE is connected to my TOverse through the crystal gateways that Elinor encounters here on Earth.
UE follows Elinor as she tries to survive in the chaotic world by building an empire and has to figure out plots that are happening around her, but mostly about the survival of her empire and family with the insane alien threats of these other worlds. TO is mostly happening on Earth and is at the center of the dimensional Maelstrom (more on that will be revealed in time).

Due to the chaos going on, there are rules that limit the power of gods, and what they can do, where UE focuses on the outer zone conflicts, TO focuses on the inner zone conflicts, with mythological, legendary, and godly figures throughout history empowering them and trying to gain their favor.

Artwork available for free dl on my Patreon

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