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/ Series / Rekindle Project (A LITRPG Series)
Rekindle Project (A LITRPG Series)
Rekindle Project (A LITRPG Series)
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The Earth was dying and so was I... or so I thought.

Whilst resting on my deathbed, an old friend visited me with the proposition to help him and his international team to test a new system called the Rekindle Project, the aim of which was to create a system that allowed the human mind to connect with the sub-verse. With the Earth becoming more inhospitable and humanity being on the brink of collapse, I sacrificed a peaceful death to give them another chance.

Upon entering the system, I found myself in a strange new world where the natural laws of Earth were turned upside down and the organized chaos of RPGs came to life. At first, I thought this world was peaceful and fun, but I quickly came to the understanding it was instead filled with terror and mischief.

Fantasy has become my reality as I fight my way through mythical creatures, dreadful dungeons, brutal boss battles, and mix in some crafting for fun!

Genre: Fantasy, LITRPG, Progressive Isekai, Horror. Some Crafting and a pinch of Sci-Fi.

WARNING: Contains blue tables. This story is written in British English (UK) because that's where I'm from. The first few chapters are rough plus there are errors in the book (Working on getting things fixed...)

Proofread and Edited by: Aaron Gross (Fiverr) and is done up to Chapter 35.

Cover Art: Shredderdima (Fiverr)

What to Expect: First Person MC POV. Slow paced but action packed when the battles hit. Some silly humour, but the story does get serious and dark at points. No Harems, maybe a little normal romance later down the line.

Release Schedule: Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Average chapter length: 2000-2300 words. Earlier chapters are longer.


Adventurers Alchemy Alternate World Character Growth Dungeons Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Friendship Jack of All Trades Kingdom Building Magic Magic Beasts RPG Skill Books Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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