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/ Series / Ashwood’s Journey of Surviving Two Dimensional Women’s Anger
Ashwood’s Journey of Surviving Two Dimensional Women’s Anger
Ashwood’s Journey of Surviving Two Dimensional Women’s Anger
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Have you heard of that fairy tale?

[Read Chapters in Advance here!!! All of Volume 1 -]

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He lived in a world where machines waged war and humans lived in the destruction they left behind, hoping that one day, they could leave the planet they had destroyed.

But the boy couldn’t care less. He immersed himself in virtual reality.

To make his dream come true. He went with the industry that offered money. Porn. Virtual Porn. Making Virtual Videos. He had confidence in his work, and it worked."

And One Evil System came, sending him into the world he had created....along with the women he made videos of.

"How is that a fairy tale? And where is my Powerful Fairy Godmother??!"

(This is a rewrite. Some of you might have read it. The difference is. Lot more smut starting from the first chapter)

Current Harem Members - 2B (Nier), Tsunade Senju (Naruto), Tifa Lockhart (FF7), Sarada Uchiha (Boruto) Masaki Kurosaki (Bleach)

Tags - Common Ones, Maybe Futa scenes here and there, DP, Clone Sex? Not much on Netorase. There probably won't be.
There will be lot of Netori.
Lesbian scenes, sure.
And...if you want me to add a tag then do then do tell me.

Bleach Boruto Final Fantasy 7 Harry Potter Nier
Affair Blackmail Body-double Familial Love Fast Cultivation Fast Learner Futanari Handsome Male Lead Threesome
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Table of Contents
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