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Everything is Worth Killing
Everything is Worth Killing
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What if you woke up in a post-apocalyptic Earth filled with trolls, orcs, ogres, and everything else that once seemed impossible? Not only that, but you woke up as a prisoner of a clan of green-skinned mages who don’t even speak your language?

What if they expected you to know magic, but left you to figure out for yourself how to cast it?

These are the problems Isaac must solve.

This is his journey through a land filled with creatures that want to kill him. Through battles against slaver ogres and wingless dragons and gnome dictators. Through experimentation and adaptation, where he learns that killing one enemy helps him against the next. It’s also his journey to find a decent glass of beer.

This is his story of adapting to a world where everything is worth killing.

Anti-Magic Apocalypse Based on a Video Game Character Growth Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Game Ranking System Magic MMORPG Post-apocalyptic Summoned Hero Transmigration
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