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/ Series / Dungeons and Dalliances
Dungeons and Dalliances
Dungeons and Dalliances
1.99M Views 48564 Favorites 191 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 4823 Readers
4.8 (412 ratings)
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Life at Tenet Delving Academy isn’t easy in the best of cases. It’s a life filled with scheming classmates, brutal competitions, and an ever-changing, ever-deadly dungeon.

And Natalie?

Natalie’s got all that to deal with and more. Given a bizarre class that encourages her to cozy up with as many women as she can, her future career is sure to be a disaster … though maybe in a good way. Because if she’s honest with herself, she might learn to love the class granted to her, and all the heart-pounding adventures that come with it.


Releases M/W/F at 4:00 PM EST

AdultEcchiGirls LoveHaremLitRPGRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSmut
Academy Battle Academy Beautiful Female Lead Dungeons Female Protagonist Futanari Game Elements R-18 Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 191
Reviews 7
Table of Contents
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    Status: 1.18 – schedule

    A very promising start so far. At the time of this review I feel the series is too within its infancy for me to give it a fair written assessment, however, it has put a strong foot forward. If the author's other works are any indication of what this has in store, then I give this a hearty preemptive recommendation for any lovers of both detailed RPG fantasy and Futanari.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: 2.27 – ❤ jordan iv

    This is dense MC done right, she has no clue when it comes to people close to her actuall likeing her or her likeing others but you can't get annoyed at her because they just mesh so well and the relationships do keep building up. It truly is funny and a joy to read them interacting and while she is dense she ain't stupid either.

    grammer, world building and story are all great too but its the characters that really make this.

    only problem I have is chapters are short but they are consistant

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: 3.39 – revealing

    Had no Idea I would enjoy it this much when I picked it up first, binged it in one sitting, Mc's class and the situations resulting from it are prolly the most attention grabbing aspect for the reader, If I am being 'subtle' here, lol. It is fun and the academy environment is also very intriguing and well thought.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: 4.53 - submissive

    I saw a negative review and just had to make an account to offset it with a positive one. 

    This story is great, its a slow burner with lots of care put into the world itself. Whether this is for you is another thing and you shouldnt read it if it isnt. Plainly, story is good at what it does, some things are hard to put my finger on but I notice a lot of other longer form stories leave me very lost as a reader because of all the new things introduced. This story is very grounded and has a lot of focus on character, which is very important to me.

    The writing skill is most clearly shown in the s*x scenes. These are often nice and long with very indepth descriptions while also often progressing the story. In the end, this is why I read this story and it works as great pay-off to what came before it.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 4.46 – ❤ swapped xii & xiii

    A great fiction that seamlessly weaves together well-crafted character interactions with a unique dungeon delving. The brilliance lies in the author's ability to enhance the smut elements by expertly developing the relationships between characters. While the academy backdrop is utilized, I couldn't help but feel it could be further explored.

    The narrative skillfully weaves through embarrassing situations that add depth to the characters and keep the reader engaged. It's a great read, and I wholeheartedly recommend it with a solid 5/5 rating.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    Too much babling and explaining only good when smut also I believe my review got removed before so here I come again to fix this

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c3.13

    To start. I love the idea behind the story. The writing is well done and the author does a good job of making each character distinct. The world still isnt all that fleshed out but its a pov story of a teenage girl so some lack of world awareness fits.

    My only real gripe about this story is that the main character is dense. Which. Okay. Dense harem protag is a thing. Not a trope I'm a huge fan of, but at least the protag in this case isnt permanently dense. Just very limited in her mental flexibility. But she also just acts like a moron sometimes when it doesnt really make sense for her to do so. I'm never a fan of handing main characters the idiot ball. And I think it happens a bit too much for this story.

    On that note I do hope the author continues the story. I think it's a great start and shows a ton of promise. Maybe just leave the idiot ball in the toolbox to gather dust yeah?

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    2 Likes · Like
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