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/ Series / Mythic Cultivation: My Tongtian can’t be this Cute
Mythic Cultivation: My Tongtian can’t be this Cute
Mythic Cultivation: My Tongtian can’t be this Cute
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4.8 (54 ratings)
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The Grand Myth Retold.

Pangu split the chaos to create the world but sacrificed himself in the process. His corpses incarnated into all things. His eyes became the sun and moon, his breath formed wind and clouds, his voice transformed into thunder and lightning, his bones turned into metal, and so much more.

How could a world be bereft of life?

Numerous lifeforms came into being, including dragons, phoenixes, qilin, and, of course, gods. The mighty heavenly emperor, Di Jun. The kind creator of the Underworld, Empress Pingxin. The beautiful lunar goddess, Changxi. The heroic sun slayer, Houyi.

And most famous of all, the inheritors of Pangu, the Three Purities. Laozi, the Heavenly Venerable of Virtuous Way; Yuanshi, the Heavenly Venerable of Primordial Beginning; Tongtian, the Heavenly Venerable of Numinous Treasures. There was one teeny problem.

"Why the hell am I a girl?" Tongtian roared at the heavens.

AdventureFantasyMartial ArtsSlice of Life
Beautiful Female Lead Cultivation Dao Comprehension Fantasy World Mythology Pragmatic Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Strong to Stronger Sword Wielder Transmigration Xianxia Xuanhuan
Table of Contents 61
Reviews 6
Table of Contents
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    New originalsin
    Status: chapter 55: all is pangu

    Albeit some of the details don't match what I've learned from dozens honghuang CNs but most basic concepts are suprisingly consistent. That is, pacing was too fast in past ten chapters as it has been half filled with explanations. Which is reasonable tbh, but I suggest to add more details in the conversations as well as some water in the middle to increase the chapter size. I would also like to suggest author to slow down a bit and concentrate on chapters' content and MC herself since there are more and more different POVs appearing, taking most of the screen time. Although I get that such choice is inevitable for the genre but it's hard to be invested in those short stories which do not let reader develop any emotional attachment (and it's probably quite confusing for new readers to keep track of).

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    0 Likes 路 Like
    New KrisRono
    Status: c46

    This novel is a fresh breath of air in this site especially on the cultivation genre. It kept me hooked from chapter one and I wish that the author would update more frequently.

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    2 Likes 路 Like
    Status: chapter 26: sealed treasure stone

    Dude this story is so amazing, just like your "This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder" it got me totally hooked! 馃槏 I also am amazed with the plot and world building which clearly shows  the story is from the "Journey to the West" but mixed it up a bit which is still awesome! Especially the Witch Clan became Titan Clan was a shock to me when I finally remembered they didn't exist in the original, I also loved your character development of the MC, not too much attachment of her past but still relies on the foresight while standing bravely against the unknown future.

    I also liked the Immortal Cultivation System you made which is different from the original one.

    Really loved the story, keep up the Good Work! 馃ス

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    7 Likes 路 Like
    Status: c45

    I love this story and also probably not as original, I think it may even be better than "This Young Master isn't Cannon Fodder" simply because of the scale of things. I know the Author is following the origin story of cultivation and is giving it his own twist, so it may be somewhat of a fanfic but not really as the scale is just too big for that. I remember reading one story very similar to this one, but instead of one of the 3 pure ones, the MC was the ruler of the blood sea and the owner of the Red lotus. Totally different story. There is just so much going on that the Authors have to choose which aspect they even want to cover. Thanks for writing this. ≪3

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    4 Likes 路 Like
    Status: ch 19

    Truly amazing story, one of my favourite honghuang novels, honestly don't know why there are so few reader. Anyways it's a good read

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    3 Likes 路 Like
    Status: chapter 45: new and old enmities

    The chapters felt long and the writing style kept me engrossed. It nothing like typical cultivation novels. Good one to read.

    Read More

    2 Likes 路 Like
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