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/ Series / BOGOINT, AKA The Cape of Devil’s Hope
BOGOINT, AKA The Cape of Devil’s Hope
BOGOINT, AKA The Cape of Devil’s Hope
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Elara Mulberry Milknova, the greatest scientist in this third of the Terran Accord, is in a bit of a pickle. She's just seen the declaration of war between the Terran Accord and the Affini Compact, witnessed the unassailable might of the affini's ships and technology, and observed at least three fundamental rules about science being broken, stitched together, and then broken again. To any other, this would be a stunning amount of military might being impressed upon them; to her, it's a ticket out of the Magnolia Initiative and into the great deep dark beyond. No handlers. No militaristic experiments of dubious moral intent. Just her, the tech she stole from the Affini, and a chasing affini hell-bent on domestication. She's handled worse odds... probably!

-- // (This is a Human Domestication Guide story, though it does play fast and loose with regards to canon. Thus, standard CWs apply: petplay, dubcon, mental manipulation, et cetera.) // --

ActionAdventureGirls LoveMechaRomanceSci-fiSmut
Artificial Intelligence Clever Protagonist Cosmic Wars Girl's Love Subplot Transgender
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