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When Kris and Susie wake up on the Bionis, they know something's up. They're in another world. Noelle woke up in the middle of Alrest, terrified that someone may try to hurt her. She knows she's in another world, she's just terrified. Ralsei woke up in a place completely different to both - he woke up in the middle of a fight between a human-looking alien martial artist and his allies and a sadistic alien. He managed to escape, but something's not right...
Shulk, on the Bionis, found two people - one actual human and one... dinosaur... looking... monster. He doesn't really know who they are but he trusts them, seeing the future they will bring. Rex, on the other hand, is completely dumbfounded. His brain hurts more than ever. He'd fought dimensional beings before, but had never seen a universal paradox. Noah, however, saw someone with a blue tunic. Something was not right...
Frieza had invaded Earth again, and Goku and Vegeta were fighting back alongside Broly, Gohan and Piccolo. Eventually, Goku sensed the energy not of Frieza, not of Vegeta, Broly, Gohan or Piccolo, not even of the denizens of Earth, but of someone else. Gohan got them to safety, still fighting back against Frieza. Gohan had already thought up a few questions; who the goat boy was, where he came from and what he thought was going on.
Don't get me wrong, Link has seen some crazy shit, but not a universal paradox. He had been whisked away to a world he'd never recognize. He'd woken up to something weird. Hi-tech weapons. People with no sense of sexuality. Some of the most extreme weapons he'd ever seen. Something was seriously not right...
Master Chief doesn't know where he is, but he's on Earth in the year 2023. He ended up in the United States of America - the source of his accent. But something's not right. An alien invasion. The UNSC didn't go to the war with the Covenant until 2109. This is the WEIRDEST shit he's ever been through. Something's not right...
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