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/ Series / Former Isekai Hero was Corrupted by His Over-Poweredness, and Now the People Need Me, a Prince of this World, to Defeat Him and Save Our Land
Former Isekai Hero was Corrupted by His Over-Poweredness, and Now the People Need Me, a Prince of this World, to Defeat Him and Save Our Land
Former Isekai Hero was Corrupted by His Over-Poweredness, and Now the People Need Me, a Prince of this World, to Defeat Him and Save Our Land
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That boy was supposed to save our world from the wrath of the Demon King. And while the King is dead, an even worse threat has arisen: the boy himself! I don't know how he came to this world, but I'm going to be the one to take him out of it. The only problem is, I've heard he's super strong. As in, destroy-the-world-if he-so-much-as-sneezes strong. What am I, a prince of a lowly kingdom going to do about it? Honestly, I have no idea. What I do know is that I'm the only one willing to step up.

Sure, there's the hero part, but that worm also stole my attendant to add to his collection of girls! Joke's on him, I've got one of his girls as my companion, though this one seems to be dumber than a sack of rocks.

Just my luck.

Together, we'll travel to the Demon King's palace to somehow put a stop to this threat, or my name isn't Anno, third prince of Cross!

Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Demon Lord Fantasy World Former Hero Handsome Male Lead Hidden Abilities Male Protagonist Nobles Reincarnated into Another World Royalty Saving the World Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Transported into Another World World Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 16- wolfskreutz sword style

    For such a silly title, this is a surprisingly serious story.  That's not to say it isn't very funny, and more than a bit silly, but is still clearly made with love and purpose.   It is a kind of parody or satire, but more in the way OPM is satire of superheros.  There is no bitterness or malice, and it's clear the author actually *likes* isekai stories, though I also have no doubts he also has plenty of complaints about them.

    Anyway, enough psychoanalyzing the writer.  The story is exactly what it says on the tin, content wise.  In terms of technicals, it is well written, though there are a few missing words and maybe a few odd phrasings.  I would guess this is a first draft, or something close to it.  There are probably also some refinements to the characters that ought to happen.  I can't quite put it to words, but in some ways they all feel a bit too convenient.  Maybe shallow would be more apt?  Nothing that bothered me as a reader, but the character moments all just seems to wrap themselves up a bit neatly.

    Eh, whatever, I'm sure I'm not properly explaining myself.

    I'll just put it simply.  This is a fun story, and a pleasant read.  I'm hoping it doesn't suffer the fate of virtually every other online story and either get dropped halfway through, or else linger on the vine until it withers into a tedious husk of its former glory.

    I believe in you, Mr Rhapsody!  Don't let me down >:|

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