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/ Series / Reincarnated Me & Returned You
Reincarnated Me & Returned You
Reincarnated Me & Returned You
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In one world, I was the Hero, and you were the Demon Lord.

In the next, I am a Reincarnator, and you are a Returnee.

"Do you still remember what you told me before I died?"

"Of course, I said that I fell in love with you."

"Were you being serious...?"

"You don't believe me? Then, let me prove it to you in this life."


Cover art by Saclia (pixiv)

ActionAdultComedyFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Beautiful Female Lead Comedic Undertone Coming of Age Demon Lord Demons Early Romance Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Female to Male Former Hero Girl's Love Subplot Heroes Love at First Sight Magic Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Past Plays a Big Role Reincarnation Tragic Past Transmigration Transplanted Memories
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    Status: c12

    Failed Hero's Second Chance in a Magicless World follows the story of Avery as she transmigrates (Isekai in layman's terms) from another world into our little ol' earth. There's some action but the story ultimately turns into a slice-of-life about how a former Heroine was reincarnated into modern earth with a third leg.

    I liked seeing the culture shared between our asian countries (That Gong Cha mention was fun.)

    Killwrites' style of writing in this fiction are at times beautiful, informative, and flows really well. From her (I assume) dialogue, inserts of inner dialogue, to her small expositions—I find none out of place. However, The writing is first-person, which is a style mostly used to allow readers to relate to a character more closely. I expected to see more of Avery's (protagonist) personality shine.

    This is where I find the story falls short—animation of its leading cast.

    I enjoyed reading the first two chapters, but slightly trudged along the following chapters. As with the transfer from the doomed fantasy world to modern earth, understandably there would be a sharp decline in tension. A larger than life personality shown through first-person would work to add color to the sudden switch to the mundaneness of modern life.

    If however, the main character had gotten this reserved gray personality from his time as a heroine, then I believe it would be great if the female lead was utilized to pull out those colors from him.

    This series if fairly new, so a few tweaks to allow it to truly stand out would be easy to make.

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