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/ Series / At War with the Moon: The Ascension of a Prophet
At War with the Moon: The Ascension of a Prophet
At War with the Moon: The Ascension of a Prophet
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How many lives are your dreams worth? How many would you kill to be given a chance?

Isaac Refenes was 76 when he died on a hospital bed; alone, unmourned and forgotten. Regret filled his last moments as his life drew to an end, knowing that his body would be buried in a nameless grave, his name never to be spoken again. He vowed to himself that, on his next life, he would do anything he had to be remembered. 

His chance to prove himself appeared in front of him, in the form of a winged goddess, moments later. 

“Serve me, do my bidding, and I shall grant you another chance in my world.”

The catch? He would have to fight a war against the entire world.

Become her champion. Start a religion in her name. Kill the summoned heroes. Build the strongest empire history had ever seen. And then, rebel against the gods themselves. That was Isaac's mission.

He had no allies, no kingdom, no followers and no powers. Only his wits, a bit of the goddess magic, and a pair of sentient slimes as servants. It was a suicide mission. And yet, the man welcomed it. For it was this was his opportunity to be someone else. Someone grander.

He would not let the world abandon him a second time. That night, the man the world knew as Isaac died. And in his stead, a conqueror was born.

This time, he would become the most powerful man the world had ever seen, or die trying. No matter the cost.


This is the story about a sociopathic man and his never-ending quest for power. He is not a monster, but he is not a good person either. The story starts quick, but slow downs soon enough, and it explores some dark, uncomfortable topics. It is a character driven plot in a realistic, gritty world where failure usually means death. Content warning applies.

Updated five times a week. Also uploaded on Royalroad.

Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Evil Protagonist Fantasy World God-human Relationship Gore Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Magic Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Medieval Narcissistic Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Scheming Servants Slaves Strong Love Interests Transmigration Twisted Personality Wars
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