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/ Series / The Starcraft System in the Far Future [Rewrite]
The Starcraft System in the Far Future [Rewrite]
The Starcraft System in the Far Future [Rewrite]
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4.8 (113 ratings)
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This is the year 3783.

When Athena, a teenage girl from the 21st century, was transported 1761 years into the future, she quickly discovered that the far future is no utopia. This is an age where empires and nations that spanned tens of thousands of planets fought for control in brutal wars. An age where warships and cannons meant more than rights and wrongs. An age where human lives are just another tool to be used by their overlords, no different from bullets or fuel.

Making things worse, Athena became just another infantry trooper of the oppressive Venya Imperium. Just another cannon fodder who could be thrown away with thousands of her fellow expendables in a random battle in a war she knew nothing about.

Luckily for her, Athena had one thing that made her unique. The Starcraft System. By collecting resources, Athena could build units and structures from the game Starcraft and use them in the new world she found herself in.

Follow Athena as she grows her forces while carefully maneuvering her way through the darwinistic galaxy, doing everything she could along the way to conceal her own secrets and ensure her own survival.
Upload Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Alternate World Army Building Character Growth Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Conspiracies Cunning Protagonist Death Depictions of Cruelty Empires Female Protagonist Game Elements Gore Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Military Politics R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Wars Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 18: 9a2-c-8

    For me who didn't play any StarCraft games and never watch nor read sci-fi genre, it was a pretty good story. Maybe put a little bit more description on StarCraft stuff to make it more friendly to read for general audience like me, after all it will be hard to have a growing audience solely from StarCraft fans.

    Pretty happy wit the rework, so far I love the new character, system minor change, and difference approach. I saw a lot of increase in potential after the rework. Sometimes a writer will see a lot of flaw in their works and want to change it to make it better but I think it's okay to make a mistake, afterall it's a learning process :)

    Love your work, I hope there will be more updates, maybe 10 chapters/week, please, hehe

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    Status: chapter 6: athena and her squad

    I just discovered this series and am already in love!

    A long time ago, I had found "Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination" a (Chinese?) translated WC3-summoning/building story, (a bit too cultivator-mentality, but a good read/concept) and have been looking for similar ever sense... 

    between the difficulties of writing a strategy-game based series and all of the differing variables, I'm Very Excited to see how this goes! Enjoying Athena's initial progress and mentality, the dual-memories is a bit contradicting to her mentality, but that's actually expected because the 'merge' is still fresh and should balance out with time.

    Seeing that it's already on version 2, I've gathered from a few of the comments that the V1 had non-thinking units and mineral/gas resources split. having thinking/learning units opens paths to 'heroic' units (hunter killer) and, the heroes for the co-op races (Infested terrans and swarmlings) even the campaign-only building upgrades! While combining resources makes it much simpler to calculate/function for Athena (plus easier to write).

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    2 Likes · Like

    I binged the old one before the rewrite and it captured my senses like how a toddler seeing ice-cream for the first time. Haven't started this rewrite but I already knew that Im in for a wild ride.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 16: the imperium, the republic,...

    Pretty great series. Not often you get a fanfic or derivative that has proper thought put into the world (or universe in this case).

    While there aren't that many chapters so far, it is a rewrite, and the original was pretty good as well; especially the second arc. In fact, the rewritten first arc is even better than the original's second arc, and I look forward to seeing how things turn out this time.

    Even better is that a lot of the slower elements of the first arc is being sped through while not feeling like anything is being skimped on.

    Though I am concerned with the pace of updates for the latest chapters, the original upload schedule is quite good for the length of the chapters.

    I really look forward to reading how the second arc is fixed up, and all the new stuff afterwards.

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