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/ Series / “I woke up as a girl” story, but I tried my best to make it actually good
“I woke up as a girl” story, but I tried my best to make it actually good
“I woke up as a girl” story, but I tried my best to make it actually good
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Warning: This story contains some relatively intense anxiety, self-hate, and internalised transphobia.

So yea, basically, I had an idea of making a "I woke up as a girl" type of story, but making it readable to trans people, and it kinda went from there. I hope you enjoy it

FantasyGender BenderSlice of Life
Absent Parents Autism Awkward Protagonist Character Growth Childhood Friends Coming of Age Dense Protagonist Depression Identity Crisis Modern Fantasy Oneshot Overprotective Siblings Quiet Characters Shy Characters Timid Protagonist Transgender Unreliable Narrator
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  1. It’s okayNov 15, 2019
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      Status: it’s okay

      Fantastic little story! It really reminded me of “Secret Little Haven” which I love! The two supporting characters were really sweet and helpful as they guided the main character towards feeling better and accepting of herself. It was a joy to read! 

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      This was a nice read. It was sweet and hopeful and lovely. Her sister and Hana were both so sweet and tried their best to take care of her and it was overall really sweet. I loved the ending. Open ended and hopeful. Not an everything is resolved but a "things will get better and I can make it better" Thank you for writing this. I am almost definitly going to reread this at somepoint.

       I did encounter some difficulty reading it at some point. It might have been my dyslexia but I had to reread some stuff to understand it.

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