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/ Series / DxD: Matsuda!
DxD: Matsuda!
DxD: Matsuda!
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4.3 (122 ratings)
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God plucked one of his creations from his first Earth and gave him a second chance in another of his Earths...surprise it is in DxD! Now reincarnated as a perverted side character how will our poor MC handle his new identity? Well he probably wont make the choices you will want him too that's for sure!
-[Harem-Fan Certified™, Nothing belongs to me except my dumb story Ideas! All characters other than my OC belong to Ishibumi Ichiei.]

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    Status: heaven descends and then silence!

    This so far has been my favorite DxD fic. Completely different starting point, different main character and an author willing to shout "LEEEEROOOY JENKINS!" All in the name of humor and good storytelling.

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    Status: mjölnir, its hammer time♫!

    I am really enjoying this fanfic.

    Great humor and comedy. 

    The MC is great, not the usual edgy " I am transmigrator, I own everything" kinda MC. 

    No over the top thrasing of other characters, more of a funny way of interacting with the cast from DxD.

    Grammer get's a bit spotty at times, but I have not had any problems with it

    So to summerize: This is a gem, and I am greatly enjoying it.

    Keep up the great work!!

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    Status: c220

    A slice of life of MC just living and women throwing themselves at him. The story is entertaining if you turn off your brain; it is very repetitive though. The story is well planned and lore accurate; it's just not very interesting. Another problem is that the writing quality is extremely poor. Characters, important occurrences, relationships, and fights all lack depth and impact. Not much of anything is worth being emotionally invested in; important characters can die, and all you'd think is "Oh, that happened". Onto the MC: he can be described as kind, dense, and indecisive—the typical Japanese protagonist. He is a victim of the plot, so don't expect him to ever take initiative. He is mentally unstable and incapable of growth; he will make a mistake, and you can be certain he will do it again. Some of the decisions he has made I find extremely contemptible; just his character alone has made this one of the few stories I have regretted reading. I would like to give it 1 star, but I'll give it 2.5 stars purely because it is capable of entertaining; this is what you read when you have nothing else to do or read, want to burn time, and are willing to turn off your brain.

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    Status: really god? matsuda!

    A refreshing take on that story, with nice bits of humor.

    Unfortunately, the grammar make it difficult to read.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: god, i am a power...

    So far I have enjoyed every single chapter.

    The story is unlike other dxd fanfics with good comedy.

    First of all MC is not a edgelord and is a good person. Yeah he can be somewhat cringey at times but it's not bad cringe.

    Also story is well planned by author.

    Also comedy is stupidly hilarious that I am lovin it.

    I mostly read novels and ff for entertainment and I have read sh*t ton of them.

    So take my advise as a veteran and try it for yourself and see if it's your cup of tea or not.

    Also grammar is somewhat bad but it improves later but if you are like me who has read many mtl novels your brain will autocorrect those mistakes.

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    Status: sera tanaka, the half angel!

    An enjoyable story even though I have only seen a few episodes of DxD, and it kept my attention for a few hours. There were a number of genuinely funny moments which made me laugh out loud, and I can see the author has put some effort and care into this story. 

    Sadly this is more of a 'collection' type harem story instead of limiting it to 1-3 three other partners (I think it is at 7 when I stopped reading). However, I will say that I enjoyed the harem part of the story the most out of all other 'collection' type harem stories I've read, so if you aren't against that sort of thing and like funny, enjoyable fan fictions focused more on character interactions than powerups, I think this story is for you.

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    Status: evolve, satan gold dragon!

    One of the best dxd fanfics I've read I really recommend reading it 10/10

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    3 Likes · Like

    Good enough novel if you want so waste your time while search novel that you truly enjoy

    • Passive MC
    • Brain dead to enjoy this fiction
    • too long paragraphs
    • jumping time and env that if you didnt read it carefully got confused
    • meh Fight
    • good Picture in every story
    • Read it if you truly didnt have any alternatives or search for one night stand read

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    Status: little red riding-hood, elmenhilde karnstein!

    This is my first review so I'll try to keep it simple on my part:

    Personally I enjoyed the story so far, Matsuda is given an interesting background and we're slowly exploring it while accompanying the cast through the already known story. Some events are changed due to butterfly effect but those who saw the Anime and read the LN will still be capable of recognising them. All characters keep a mostly matching personality but some of them do change over time so don't go in expecting characters to remain the same as in the other media of content. Also I've mentioned this above but yes, this story takes on mostly aspects from the LN so some things will be different from the anime and if you read up to the 200's of this story we're already in LN territory so if you haven't read it don't worry too much, it's still enjoyable and you'll get a surprise factor out of it. All in all, Mat is an excellent character, he's kind, he makes mistakes that he learns from and has his childish side but also necessary maturity when needed so don't expect a cold, heartless and calculative transmigrator because he's just a goofball due to retaining aspects of the Canon Matsuda. PS: No, you're not escaping the pervert trend of dxd with him either, while Issei is a Big Boobs enthusiast, Matsuda is a certified Lolicon so there's that haha!

    Closing off my stupidly large rant, give this story a chance and if you're a fan of dxd I almost guarantee you'll enjoy it!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: final fantasy: what is hypnosis?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story; it stands as one of the finest fanfics for DxD out there. I'm eagerly hopeful that the author won't abandon it and will grace us with its continuation in the future.

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